Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 14:55:58 EST
Mime-Version: 1.0
Subject: Project groups

Hi Dr. Glaser,
We have formed a group.  It includes:
Christina Comm, 714934
Amy Miles, 714539
Angela Leone, 720387
Michael Wunsch, 674764
Hillaree Haberle, 668716
Brandi Decker, 713004

Our group name will be the Watchamacallits for lack of anything better!


Hi Dr. Glaser,
	Thanks for letting us know about the group project so quickly.
Both Amy Miles (714539) and Angela Leone (720387) dropped the class a week
or two ago so they are out.  Just so you know!  Thanks again.  
Christina Comm

**The most wasted of all days is that during which one has not
laughed--Nicholas Chamfort**


Dr. Glaser,
	I have great news.  I received a few responses before spring
vacation, and group #5 (the Watchamacallits) made a perfect match.  Thus I
was able to review the topic and work on the project over spring vacation.
Our group met today and accomplished a great deal, and I would love to
officially become a "Watchamacallit."  Thank you again for your
understanding and suggestions regarding my situation.

	During our meeting today, our group was having some difficulty
regarding the chemistry of one aspect of N20 and ozone depletion. We
determined the initiation and propagation steps, but we are having a hard
time defining the termination step.  If you could help guide us in the
right direction, we would really appreciate it.

			Thank you,
			Kaley Todd