Group Dynamics of Group 7: The Backside Attackers

Our group planned to meet at Brady Commons every Sunday at 4 PM. Our first meeting went well, and we all agreed on our article at this time. At this point, each person chose a particular topic which was related to the article to do research and find links. One person found the original journal article, two others contacted the authors of the original journal article in Nature, and the other two combined to provide numerous links and suggestions. The chosen links were very pertinent to our article and the entire project came together very well in the end.

Towards the end of the project, we realized we all seemed to have busy schedules. So, meeting times did not work as we had planned, for the most part. Other than a mild misunderstanding as to when we were to meet, we had very good cooperation. Each person seemed to put as much effort as was needed to complete the project. I believe the general consensus was that the project was manageable, but it would not be something we would want to do on a regular basis. The time management that goes into it can get entirely out of hand when trying to get several very active students together.

MEMBERS: Ian Dubman (c697535), Jelena Kocergin (c753943), Sabrina Kerr(c748828), Michelle Meiklejohn(c753441), Jennifer R. Campbell(c753872)