Here is our dynamics page for group 8:

I believe that our group has worked quite efficiently together considering our hectic schedules and the time constraints we all are subject to. Although we did not meet on a regular base or in a set area each time, we communicated well over e-mail, and everyone was kept up to date on the progress and status of our project throughout the ordeal.

Our first meeting was in the upstairs computer lab of Brady commons. Three members of the group got together on February 22 to search for and discuss possible news articles for our project. Before this time, we had already discussed topics amongst the entire group, and decided on free radicals and the aging process. After a couple of hours of groups searching, the three of us had found a pertinent article. We e-mailed the web address to the other to group members for their approval. With their approval we then submitted our article as a group. We then each individually investigated links and brainstormed possible questions to accompany the article.

Throughout this period, the members of our group used e-mail communication to asses each others progress, and get opinions about possible additions to our main page. Upon returning from spring break we had some difficulties with our link, but all met on April 1 in one of the members dorm rooms to work out the kinks. At this final meeting, we collectively wrote the editorial comments, and added the links we had previously agreed upon as well as some others we found during our meeting. this meeting lasted about 2 hours. After the meeting one (computer efficient) group member made sure that everything was written up right, and e-mailed us all again to tell us how things turned out. We then all read over the page individually and gave our responses, again over e-mail. With that our collaborative semester web page was complete!

I feel that our group interaction throughout the process went pretty smoothly, however as I stated we had very few face to face meetings. We took full advantage of the e-mail communication system. Four of our group members already new each other from a Freshman Interest Group, and the fifth was adopted in as a friend of a friend. With these previous ties, we were able to work well together and ask group members for help. I enjoyed working with this group, and felt that it was a success. While I usually prefer to study individually, I feel that our group worked well together. If I were to have a problem with something in class I feel that I could go to a member of the group for help and they would be able to assist me. This group project helps students to learn how to work together, and gives them another option for getting help with class work. Therefore, if given the option, I would choose to work on a project like this again.

Amanda L. Volk "Tootie, Panda, Volk, Dingledorf, Cheech, Mandymae"