Team Isotope met every week originally at Ellis Library then moved location to a team member's humble abode. The meetings lasted an average of one hour to one and a half-hours. Though, on weeks which tests were given, the group chose not to meet so as to dedicate energies to studying versus the project. Each meeting consisted of dividing up responsibilities to each member. These responsibilities usually consisted of finding an article, to begin with, researching a specific aspect of our topic, locating pertinent links, composing questions, and perfecting the editorial.

The group originated with three articles dealing with ozone depletion, environmental toxins, and carbon dioxide. After extensive research by each member, we deduced that carbon dioxide held the most possibilities for the project. Locating the topic was not difficult; neither was researching the topic and finding links. There was an over abundance of information available to us. The greatest time was taken deciding which links were pertinent to the article and suitable for use.

Our group discovered that there were some advantages and some disadvantages to the group projects. The largest of which was time. It was difficult for everyone to rearrange there schedules to meet once a week and unreasonable to have an additional meeting to study for the course itself. Also, most of the members were at different levels of comprehension of the material, thus making it difficult to study together. Few members had time to take out of their schedules to help one another with their understanding difficulties. We realize that there were probably some groups who may have benefited from the other group members, but we felt it was too difficult to correspond all of our times and abilities. Our group members felt that the articles we received in class are interesting, but we did not feel that forming a web page was relevant to our understanding of Organic Chemistry. Those who are interested in learning how to create a web page can take courses, but none of us knew how, and we know that there were many other groups who had little to no idea of how to create a web page. This ended up taking valuable time to learn the web page design and then compose it, time which could have been spent studying and better understanding the course material.

All of our group members worked equally diligent on the project so as to have it completed and no longer interfering with our course.