Chemistry 212
Exercise Assignments for Chapters 19
Carboxylic Acids

In-text-exercises on Carboxylic Acids
Look at exercise 19.1 and check out Rainer's sample problem on nomenclature.
Do exercise 19.2.
You should be able to judge relative acidities. In this spirit, look at exercises 19.3 and 19.4.
Review the preparations of carboxylic acids with exercises 19.5, 19.6, 19.7 and 19.8.
Exercises 19.9 and 19.11 will be discussed in the lecture.
Review the Hunsdiecker reaction with exercise 19.14.

Selected Problems to Chapter 19
Problem 1: Do not forget to include the stereochemical descriptor (E or Z) in the names of (c) and (f). The structure (e) also requires a stereochemical descriptor. Remember the trivial name of (h) as this name is frequently used.
Problems 2, 3 and 17 are excellent (and easy) to review properties.
Problem 5 is good to review reactions (contemplate the mechanisms).
Problems 6, 9, and 12 are good to review reagents.
Think about elongating a carbon chain in Problem 11.
Review the Hell-Volhard-Zelinski reaction with problems 13 - 15.
That's it for now, friends.

There are GTQs for this chapter

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