Chemistry 212
Exercise Assignments for Chapters 21
Amines and Their Derivatives

In-text-exercises on Amines
Briefly review nomenclature with exercises 21-1 and 21-2.
Skip 21-3 though 21-5.
Exercise 21-6 is a good one. Think about it.
Exercise 21-7 is a good one, too.
Carefully look at exercise 21-8 part (d) and review other methods for the formation of alpha-aminoacids.
Provide a detailed mechanism for the reaction in exercise 21-10.
Review the Hofmann elimination with exercises 21-12 through 21-14.
Review the Mannich reaction with exercise 21-15.
Very carefully think about exercise 21-17!

Selected Problems to Chapter 21
Review nomenclature with problems 1 and 2.
In doing problem 3, consider only the methyl anion in (b). (Pyramidalization isn't an issue in the others.)
Skip problems 4 - 7.
Review amine properties with problems 8 and 9.
Problems 10 and 11 will be discussed in a review session. Be well prepared.
Problems 12 and 13 are very nice.
Review Hofmann eliminations with problems 14 - 16.
Review the Mannich reaction with problems 17 and 18.
Problem 20 will be discussed in a review session.
OK to skip the rest!

That's it for now, friends.

There are GTQs for this chapter.