Chemistry 212
Exercise Assignments for Chapters 23
Dicarbonyls and Ester Enolates

In-text-exercises on Ester Enolates
Review the mixed Claisen Condensation with exercise 23-3.
Could you disconnect the product shown in exercise 23-5?
Learn to disconnect using exercise 23-6.
Do exercise 23-9 very well.
Quickly do exercise 23-11. Quite easy, isn't it.
Think about exercise 23-15. (You can disregard the hint.)
Exercise 23-17 is too easy.
Exercise 23-19 is a good one to learn how to disconnect.
Exercise 23-20 reminds you that the dithiane route allows for mixed couplings while the thiazolium path does not. Important point.

Selected Problems to Chapter 23
Problem 1 is an excellent one! Do them all.
Problems 2 - 4 review the Claisen Condensation well.
Problems 6 and 7 review important strategies to make ketones and acids.
Look at problem 10 as a disconnection exercise.
Review important reagents with problems 11 - 13.
Skip problems 14 - 17.
Make sure you understand the retrosyntheses in problem 18.
Make sure you understand all steps in the synthesis in problem 19.
Skip the rest.

That's it for now, friends.

There are GTQs for this chapter.