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Chemistry 212 - Organic Chemistry II - Winter Semester 2000

Quotes about 212w00

Hello Dr. Glaser, I was just writing to thank you for writing me a letter of recomendation for medical school. not very many teachers would do that for a student that they had in their class a year prior to the request but you did. i would just like you to know that i learned a great deal from you in organic chemistry 212 and that knowledge carried over to the MCAT that i took April 21. keep teaching the way you do because i am not the only one who enjoys your excitement and style in the classroom. students can tell when their professor cares not only about the subject but also about the students who want to learn it. those kinds of teachers are far and few between. thanks again Dr. Glaser. Sincerely, David Berry
Dr. Glaser, I just wanted to offer you congratulations on the publishing [of the aspirin paper]! You're a great professor, and helped to shed a whole new light on organic chemistry. I wish you much success in the future. Travis Grant
Dear Dr. Glaser, I am writing to share my good news with you. I recently took the VCAT, the admissions test for vet school, and I was quite pleased with my chemistry score. I ranked in the 90th percentile. Although I am fascinated by organic chemistry, it is not my best subject and I felt I had to struggle to understand much of the information. I earned lower grades in chemistry than I am accustomed to, but I always felt that in 210 and 212, you were there to support all of the students, to clarify concepts, and to assist us in any way possible to help facilitate the learning process. The courses were certainly more challenging than I am used to, but the work clearly paid off for the VCAT. I have to admit I was shocked to discover my chemistry score was higher than any of the other sections on the assessment. During the test I was surprised by how many of the answers I knew. I guess you taught me more than I had even realized! Thank you for offering your support to the students, learning and remembering our names (something too few professors bother to do), providing a stimulating learning environment, and encouraging us to work to our fullest potential. Sincerely, TaMarra D. Woodling
Hey there Dr. Glaser, I found an error from your notes on-- just kidding. ...The structure of several simple organic molecules had been deduced from their properties, and all were linear, the constituent atoms being attached to each other in a straight line. According to his own account, Kekule was dozing on a horse-drawn tram when he had a kind of dream of dancing atoms in linear arrangements. Abruptly the tail of a chain of atoms attached itself to the head end and formed a slowly rotating ring. On awakening and recalling this dream fragment, Kekule realized instantly that the solution to the benzene problem was a hexagonal ring of carbon atoms... --"The Dragons of Eden" by Carl Sagan --I should have slept more for your class. Thanks again for the understanding of organic chemistry. I'm amazed at how often I use it-- "scientific reading", beer brewing, and even books by Kurt Vonnegut. Take care, Raymond Danner (7/17/00)
Hello! I just wanted to thank you for talking to Dr. Sarkar for me. He was already expecting me when I went to his office the first day. I have not encountered many professors that go out of their way to help students, when they have so many, like you do. I really appreciate it. Thank you again. Lori Palecek
Dr. Glaser, ... If you had a better lecture hall to work with I think that you could use your web site more effectively to help teach your class. Gook luck next time, Joshua Fitzmaurice
Dr. Glaser, In response to the exam three, I believe that my knowledge of Ch 22 and 15 was fairly tested. Thank you for meeting us half way. Jeff Sindelar
I was just sitting here wondering why can't 212 be in an internet equppied class? I also had you for 210 and I really feel that if you were better able to incorporate the VCs in class things would run more smoothly. Have you requested such a room? I am not sure how the university assigns rooms, but I know that the auditorium in the new conservation building would be perfect for 212. It doesn't really seem fair that classes that don't even use the computer are put in there. I really think that this could benefit students in the future. If there is anything that we as students can do to let the university know that your class would be improved by being in a more modern classroom let me know. Colleen
Dr. Glaser THANK YOU! WOW! I think our page looks good but that could be because of the hard work that went into it...I think it was good to try to get me started on this internet building thing, I still have a tremendous amout to learn. Oh, well I will get there. Thanks for your help!!!!! I can't believe Spring Break is over, it has flown by! I guess I will see you Monday, bright and early:) Christy
Dr. G: I don't have much time to write now, as it is Saturday night! But since you are online, I want to thank you for trying to help us succeed. Your revisions to the course seem fair and positive. I would like to give you more details about my opinions, but that will have to happen another day. You really are one of the best teachers I've had at MU these past 4 years, if not the best. Having enthusiasm and humor helps, to be sure! But your style of explaining concepts thoroughly really aids in your effectiveness. Most importantly, you care about us, and show this through democracy. God bless you, and have a wonderful break. Jarrod M. C. Staggs
Dr. Glaser- This is Danielle Miller, from group #20 ... I agree completely with Vineesha. I think alot of people appreciate the time you spend with this class more than they say, I know I do anyway. Please let me know on the web page issue, and you can respond to this address instead of my listed one. Thanks!! Danielle
Dr.Glaser, Hi, this is Vineesha Arelli. Wow, you've made a lot of changes ... all which sound very good. I just wanted to thank you for making a great effort on your part. All too many times, I've had good professors, who just don't care enough about the students' needs. You do care, and you're showing it. So, thank you for responding to the students' evaluations and opinions. It's not easy to change your way of testing and grading, either, so I understand that. I really appreciate your flexibility, respect, and cooperation. A good professor is one who teaches well, but what makes a great professor is one who is willing to find new ways to teach better. I thank you for your efforts. Vineesha
Dr Glaser, ... As strange as it may sound (given my grade), I feel like I've learned more from your chemistry class than all the others combined, and I am going to do my best to bring my grade back up. Thanks so much for all the reviews you do and the notes on the web - they all are extremely helpful. Sincerely, Sarah VanVickle
Dr. Glaser, I don't know if you remember, but earlier this semester I spoke with you about my grade and of how I wanted to pass the class not with a C but rather with a B. You gave me some tips and words of encouragement that really helped me. It motivated me to re-evaluate my study habits, and try to improve my skills in chemistry. Well, on my last test I had a 52, and on this test I obatined a 60. I know that I still have a long way to go, but that small improvement has shown me that if I try hard enough, I can improve. Again, I just wanted to say thank you for speaking with me on that day because I probably would not have been as motivated to achieve if I had not spoken with you. Thanks, J. I.
Dear Rainer, Thanks again for this last group of corrections. I'm sending in corrections for everything found since the 3rd printing, and over two-thirds of them are from your students!! Your students are very careful readers, and I really appreciate their good work. Skip Wade
Dear Herr Glaser, I wanted to let you know that I really think that working with partners in lab is great. Most of the time that I work on my own I feel pressured and that I don't have enough time to finish. With a partner, I feel more relax and I don't seem to ask my TA so many stupid questions. I think we, my partner and I, seem to follow the instructions better and we create less mistakes. I believe all of this and also think that I retain more and learn more because I am relax and can concentrate on what is actually occurring rather than getting the experiment done in the required time. I just wanted to extend my appreciation on the last two labs since they have both been with partners. Sincerely, Carl C. Voss
Dear Rainer, I wanted to thank you and your students again for doing such a thorough job of looking for errors. I particularly liked the "reducive animation," which is what you'd do if you were a chemist working at Disney studios. I also liked the amine oxide comments. I double-checked with the Dictionary of Organic Chemistry, and they said exactly the same thing you did. Bond with charges or arrow with no charges. Skip
Dear Rainer, Your students continue to win the award for the sharpest eyes in the country. The missing double bond was a sneaky little error, and the transmutation of the OH of water into the Cl of HCl required a careful look at the reaction. I'm especially grateful for the Radon with an atomic number of 85. That's another thing that was right in the 3rd edition and was supposed to be kept without changing it. I'm amazed anyone caught it. She may have the sharpest eyes of all. Skip (Leroy Wade, 2/10/2000)
What a great bunch of proofreaders. They're a big help. A large class at Florida State did a similarly thorough read-through on the 3rd edition. The 5 point incentive really seems to work. Thanks again. Skip (Leroy Wade, 2/3/2000)
The bonus incentive you provide for noticing textbook mistakes is a powerful motivator to read carefully. As mistakes continue to be shared on this list, I will be glad to see all the ones that I don't catch (surely the ones I don't catch outnumber the ones I do). See you in class... Jarrod M. C. Staggs (2/2/2000)
By the way, your lectures are great-- it is fun to have a prof who is really excited about the subject. Thanks, Ray Danner (1/28/00)
And another thing, I think the news articles are a great idea, I wish we had done them for Chem 210. Matt John (1/12/00)
I am looking forward to this semester because we have a lab....Organic is just too hard without one. I also appreciate your realization that we are not all oraganic chemists to-be. It is definitely the hardest subject I have yet to approach in my pre-med career and I think you have the attitude and ability to help me finally understand. I just wanted to let you know that several of my classmates seemed to feel the same. We are looking forward to this semester, although Dr. [name of professor teaching 210] was wonderful, it was just not the same with so many people and so little personal attention time. Anyway, sorry to take up your time I am just so relieved that you are not a mean scary mad scientist. *smile* Thank you! Sincerely, Danielle Miller (1/10/00)