(Click on Downloads) Instructions from the vendor follow:

1. Download the self-extracting file bc2000xf-winset.exe to a temporary directory on your hard drive. By launching this file, the install program will be unpacked to a folder called BC2000XF-SET.

2. Run the setup.exe file located in the BC2000XF-SET folder.

3. If you have previous versions of Commander installed, the installer will remove them before continuing.

4. After the uninstall of previous versions is complete, the installer will continue. You can choose the defaults for file locations etc.

5. For upgrade installations, the installer has all the information it needs. For new installations, you will be asked for the following:

Host address: Beilstein.library.wisc.edu

Station ID: Enter anything you like. This is user defined.

License Group Name: Enter the group name for your university. Our University name is: uni-miss

6. The installer now has all the information it needs. You may finish

This information is found at > http://www.library.wisc.edu:4001 . . Also on this web page you will find technical support information.

The user id, password and groupname for our site are as follows:

User ID: xfumsys
Password: sc3c-92d
Group name: uni-miss