Group Actions and Dynamics

Our group met a total of three times to work on collaborative group project. Each meeting took place at Memorial Union (central campus location) and lasted an average of forty-five minutes to an hour. In between meetings, we very frequently discussed the project via telephone and email to ensure everything was being completed. The group was somewhat helpful in making the article selection. We initially considered six newspaper articles for the project. All of our articles were similar so our only objective was to narrow our selection down based on the criteria. However, working as a group significantly decreased the amount of time we needed to work on the project. Schedule conflicts was the biggest problem we encountered working as a group. We all had different schedules and this made it difficult for us to find a convenient time to meet. Our only objective was to complete the project in a timely manner (we did not form study groups). Based on this experience, I would prefer not to participate in another group activity.