Peer Assessment of Group 10
C A T E G O R Y G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 Average
Topic Selection
18 20 19 18 19 18.8
Newspaper and Article Selection
10 9 9 8 9 9
Quality of Editorial Comments
10 9.5 9 7 9 8.9
Organic Chemistry Content
10 10 10 9 8 9.4
Selection and Quality of the Links 
18 18 17 19 19 18.2
Format, Number and Types of Questions
10 10 10 5 10 9
Quality of the Questions
10 9.5 10 9 10 9.8
Overall Impression 
10 9 9 9 9 9.2
TOTAL 96 95 93 84 93 92.2


Evaluation by Group 1

A.  Group 1 Evans Group

B.  Group 10 JDK Chem

C.  1.  18 points-the topic affects everyone and is related to organic but
the issue is 10 years old

    2.  10-nice length, newspaper appears valid even though it is unknown

    3.  10-intriquing opening lines, comments expand the topic nicely

    4.  10-described alar and UDMH well, which are the two key organic

    5.  18-good links, they were all very helpful, the link does not need
to be repeated each time the word is repeated. We felt overwhelmed by

    6.  10-had required number of questions and varied types

    7.  10-excellent questions, brought out the important chemical and
ethical issues

    8.  10-excellent overall project


Evaluation by Group 2

(A)  Group 2: Cuba Group
(B)  Group 10:  JDK Chem
(C)1)  Topic Selection: 20 Points
          This topic is important to the audience, since everyday exposure
to carcinogens is something that everyone needs to be aware of.  The
relation to chemistry is prominent.

  2)  Newspaper and Article Selection: 9 Points
           This article was easy to read, and highlighted the social and
economic effects of the chemical scare in a well-organized manner.  The
article did not really go into detail of the chemistry of Alar.

  3)  Quality of the Editorial Comments:  9.5 Points
            The editorial comments added nicely to the article.  They
filled in where the article was lacking.  They were very well-organized,
but sometimes the spaces within words were distracting.

  4)  Organic Chemistry Content: 10 Points
            The O-Chem content was great.  There were lots of jumping off
points for finding additional information.  The references section does
the job.

  5)  Selection and Quality of the Links: 18 Points
            The links were great for finding more info.  The Alar link
just seemed to rehash the article, and since it was the main
compound/topic, a better site could possibly been found.

  6)  Format, Number and Types of Questions: 10 Points
            The questions varied wonderfully in the types of questions
asked.  The format was great and the number was just fine.

  7)  Quality of the Questions: 9.5 Points
            Some of the sentences in Question 6 were kind of long
(punctuation could have helped to make them more clear).  The questions
make the reader think and apply their chem skills.  The PSP question was
very thought-provoking.

  8)  Overall Impression: 9 Points

TOTAL SCORE:  95 points 


Evaluation by Group 3

(A) Group 3:  Rau Group
(B) Group 10:  JDK Group
(1) Topic Selection:  19
Too much politics and not enough chemistry, but a good topic

(2) Newspaper and Article Selection:  9
Interesting, but too old of a topic---1989!!!

(3) Quality of the Editorial Comments:  9
Needs some grammar help, not convincing if Alar is good or bad

(4) Organic Chemistry Content:  10
Great deal of chemistry which puts the article in greater context

(5) Selection and Quality of the Links:  17
Repeated too often, some did not explain the article, informative

(6) Format, Number and Types of Questions:  10

(7) Quality of the Questions:  10
Well done and good PSP, helps work through the information

(8) Overall Impression:  9
Good, work on the grammar, good chemistry

Total points:  93


Evaluation by Group 4

(A) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluation Unit
	#4 Three Musketeers

(B) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluated Unit

(C) Responses to Various Evaluation Categories
	(1) Topic Selection (0-20)
		18 points
	This is a good topic selection.  Daminozide is definitely related
	to Organic Chemistry and since it was used on a very widely used
	product it is important to a majority of people.
	(2) Newspaper and Article Selection (0-10)
		8 points
	This is a good length article.  The subject is interesting.  The
	associated press could be anyone so the qualifications of the
        writer is unknown.
	(3) Quality of Editorial Comments (0-10)
		7 points
	The editorial comments provided the necessary background
	information; however, they seemed almost too long.  There is a
        good amount of links incorporated.

	(4) Organic Chemistry Content (0-10)
		9 points
	We found the reference section to be complete and accurate. The
	Organic Chemstry content is very evident.

	(5) Selection and Quality of the Links (0-20)
		19 points
	All of the links were valid and useful to the project.

	(6) Format, Number and Types of Questions (0-10)
		5 points
	The main problem with the questions is the fact that this group
	was unable to follow the instructions. Only five questions were
	requested.  Also the 4th question could be seen as a PSP question.
	Therefore, no answer should have been given.

	(7) Quality of Questions (0-10)
		9 points
	The overall quality of the questions was quite excellent.

	(8) Overall Inpression (0-10)
		9 points
	This is a very good project.  It would be very useful with only a
	few minor changes.

Overall Grade of 84/100


Evaluation by Group 5

 Topic Selection: 19

 Newspaper and Article Selection: 9
   The article was original but we were unsure of the
credibility of the source.

 Quality of Editorial Comments: 9
    There were a few typos and grammar errors.  The
connection to chemistry was not very clear. 

 Organic Chemistry Content: 8
   It seems to relate, but it is not obvious.  It
could have been further explained what this pertains
to in Organic chemistry.

 Selection and Quality of Links: 19

 Format, Number and Types of Questions: 10

 Quality of Questions: 10
   The questions were really good!

 Overall Impression: 9