Peer Assessment of Group 11
C A T E G O R Y G6 G7 G8 G9 G10 Average
Topic Selection
18 19 20 19 18 18.8
Newspaper and Article Selection
8 8 8 7 8 7.8
Quality of Editorial Comments
10 10 10 10 9 9.8
Organic Chemistry Content
9 10 10 10 8 9.4
Selection and Quality of the Links 
19 19 19 17 20 18.8
Format, Number and Types of Questions
10 8 7 10 10 9
Quality of the Questions
10 10 10 8 9 9.4
Overall Impression 
9 9 10 9 9 9.2
TOTAL 93 93 94 90 91 92.2


Evaluation by Group 6

(A)  Group 6  Ejaz 
(B)  Group 11 The Unknowns
1.  Topic Selection: 18 pts.
The topic is interesting and it has a good relation with organic
chemistry but it might not relate to most people in the class.

2.  Newspaper and Article Selection: 8 pts.
The newspaper was from a good source but the article was not within the
past year.

3.  Quality of the Editorial Comments:  10 pts.
The editorial comments were very well organized and clearly understood.

4.  Organic Chemistry Content: 9 pts.
The article related well to organic chemistry.

5.  Selection and Quality of the Links:  19 pts.
The links are relevant to organic chemistry and are very informative.

6.  Format, Number and Types of Questions:  10 pts.
The questions varied and met all the requirements.

7.  Quality of Questions:  10 pts.
The questions addressed the central issues and could be done in a
reasonable time period.

8:  Overall Impression:  9 pts.
This is a very good project that shows a lot of time and effort.

Total= 93 pts.


Evaluation by Group 7

(A) Group 7, The Morning Addition

(B) Group 11, The Unknowns

   (1)Topic Selection: 19 points
       This topic doesn't necessarily affect most of the population, but
it was a topic that was highly in the news and most people know about it.
It also related to organic chemistry well.

   (2)Newspaper and Article Selection: 8 points
It was a very good article and it was very interesting.  The problem was
that it wasn't from a newspaper and it was too old for this assignment.

   (3)Quality of the Editorial Comments: 10 points
The article was done wonderfully.  It covered everything of importance
from the article and added a little extra explanation.  It was well
organized and had good grammar and style.

   (4)Organic Chemistry Content:  10 points
It had a few compounds and related to more than one chapter in the book.
Medicines themselves have everything to do with chemistry.

   (5)Selection and Quality of the Links: 19 points
The only problem was with putting the link for Medscape under the word
valvulopathy because when you do a search with this word it doesn't work.
You have to use valvular heart diseaese.  Otherwise all the links were and
worked great.

   (6)Format, Number, and Types of Questions: 8 points
Two of the questions asked for the reader to perform generally the same
task.  A different form of question should have been asked.

   (7)Quality of the Questions: 10 points
The questions were asked well and required some work and searching without
taking too much time.  They were simple enough and yet covered main issues
that were important.  The PSP question was very good.

   (8)Overall Impression: 9 points
With just a little correction, this problem set would be perfect.  It was
done very well and it was extremely interesting.  It is obvious that
plenty of work went into this.

Overall Score:  93 points
Good Job!


Evaluation by Group 8

(A)Group 8: The Underground (Formerly known as Don's Group)

(B)Group 11: The Unknowns

   1)Topic Selection: 20 points
           The topic was good and very relevant to our organic class.

   2)Newspaper and Article Selection: 8 points
          Although you had a good reliable source the
          qualification was that the source was a newpaper, sorry.

   3)Quality of Editorial Comments: 10 points
           Editorial comments were well written and well informed.

   4)Organic Chemisty Content: 10 points
           The reactions and chemicals were adequately mentioned and
           nicely explained.

   5)Selection and Quality of Links: 19 points
           The links were good and related well but the one to
           medscape required registration you should have tried to
           find one more accessible.

   6)Format, Number, and Types of Questions: 7 points
           You have two questions asking to draw structures, these
           should have been combined and a question from a different
           category asked.

   7)Quality of Questions: 10 points
           The quality of the questions was good and the difficulty
           level appropriate.

   8)Overall Impression: 10 points
           With one new question and the typo in question #5 fixed,
           this would be a great article for a chem 212 class.

Total of points allocated: 94 out of 100.


Evaluation by Group 9

A Group 9
B group 11
C 1. Topic Selection: 19/20 - This topic is good, but not overly broad.
It only applies to women who are overweight.
    2. Newspaper and article selection: 7/10 - This article was written
before 1/1/98.  See instructions.
    3. Quality of editorial comments: 10/10
    4. Organic chemistry content: 10/10
    5. Selection and qualtiy of links: 17/20 - It was not clear what you
wanted us to get from your links. Links did not work
    6. Format, number, and types of questions: 10/10
    7. Quality of questions: 8/10 - Good questions, but they were not of
the different specified
         types.  They were very repetitive.
    8. Overall impression: 9/10
Total - 90/100


Evaluation by Group 10

(A) Group 10 JDK
(B) Group 11 The Unknowns
1.  Topic Selection 18 pts
The topic selection was good, however the connection to chemistry was
evident, it was not explored much.

2. Newspaper and Article Selection 8 pts
Although CNN is a reputable source, it is not a newspaper, which was one
of our guidelines.  The print date is also a bit old, 1997 exceeds our
publication limit.

3. Quality of Editorial Comments 9 pts
The comments were well written, however there were a few grammatical

4. Organic Chemistry Content 8 pts
Although this topic relates to O-chem the connection to which specific
aspect was not discussed in the editorial comments.

5.  Selection and Quality of Links 20 pts
The links chosen were outstanding.

6.  Format, Number, and Types of Questions 10 pts

7.  Quality of Questions 9 pts
Some of the questions were too superficial and did not vary in difficulty.

8.  Overall Impression 9 pts
Well done.