Group Dynamics Report:
Group 12, The Mad Scientists

Jarrod Staggs, Jared Johnson, Trent Welsh

We were able to coordinate meetings successfully in order to share ideas, and our small group size probably made this much easier. Our group met together on three occasions for a significant portion of time, averaging about two to three hours per session. In addition, we had at least 5 short meetings and/or phone calls to exchange quick information. We also spent time on our own researching articles and links. This included 2 to 3 hours for each of us total.

The interactions between the three members of our group were essentially positive, making for efficient use of our time together. We all took on full responsibility for the assignment, and contributed a fair share to the project. Contributions came from both individual work brought together, and from joint decisions. However, when people with different ideas must work toward a common goal, there is always the necessity to compromise, and our group was no exception.

In general, we did not use our group as a source for study partners or for other relationships. However, we all have other classes together, so this sort of extra support was already in place. We all believe that it is important to be exposed to news issues in science, although this particular assignment did not increase our awareness further. It was interesting to see how others in the group viewed ethical issues relevant to our story, but the overall worth of this exchange was negligible. The project provided valuable experience in working collaboratively toward a common goal, but the gains in terms of inspiring interest in organic chemistry did not outweigh the time and effort.