Group 13 Dynamics Report

	Our group did most discussion and work on this project during and
after our lab's on Wednesdays.  To begin with we each found different
articles and met on the Sunday before the article submission deadline for
about 2 hours and went through the different articles we had found.  In
all we considered around 8-10 articles and decided on our Bald Eagle
Article.  After the next Wednesday and each one following, we met for
about an hour after lab to talk about what we wanted to put in the
editorial comments, and possible links to add.  The final meeting before
the submission deadline we put everything in writing and organized our
editorial comments and came up with our questions and answers.
	After spring break we met again after our lab and went to the
physics computer lab to do our evaluations.  We spent about an hour total
making comments and assigning points.  Then divided them up so we each
typed and submitted one or two.  In all the project went well, and
everyone in the group worked well together.  The only real problem was
organizing our schedules to make meetings, being in the same lab section
helped with that though.  Personally, I would prefer not to engage in this
type of project again as I feel it is easier to just do something yourself
and not try to deal with conflicting schedules to ensure participation by
everyone, but if it were necessary to do such a group project again; I
think our entire group wouldn't mind working together again.
--The Organic Machine