Group Dynamics

The Nucleofugs

Everyone found a couple of articles that they thought would be good and brought them to our first meeting. We picked the article on chocolate because we thought that it was somewhat unique. We felt that the main advantage of group work was that it allowed for a variety ideas from different people. We enjoyed the collaborative process of choosing and discarding ideas. We had no real problems because everyone was willing to do his or her share of the work and everyone was flexible with the meeting times. One benefit of forming a group was that we all felt more open to ask each other about homework, lecture, and lab questions. The group interaction gave us all a chance to give ideas as well as to give and receive constructive criticism. We feel that the group project was a good experience and would definitely do it again.

Group meetings: Our first meeting was on 1/27 after our first lab session. This lasted only about 20 minutes. Here we decided to form a group and introduced each other. Ray mentioned that Adriene would like to join us as well. On 2/12 we met after lab at the library to choose the articles that we had each been searching for on our own. We evaluated each article and chose Tamara's. We originally wanted to tie the article in with chapter 19 (amines), but it was full. Next we chose chapter 18 (aldehydes and ketones). On 3/16 we met again after lab at the library to discuss the article and chapter 18. We decided that chapter 25 would be more relevant. For the next meeting, everyone was to bring five sample questions relating to lipids or benefits of eating chocolate. For this meeting Alex cooked us all a special batch of his secret recipe triple chocolate brownies. This meeting took about an hour and fifteen minutes. We next met on 3/20 at the library at 9:30pm to select the best questions we had come up with. Together, we all wrote the editorial, each adding what we thought was important. This meeting lasted two hours. Our last meeting was on 3/23 again after lab, in the Physics computer lab, to finalize the project. Here we compiled everything, revised, and wrote the last question. This took about two hours.

The last meetings took place on 4/11 and 4/13, where we reviewed the other articles. These meetings took some time to read through the articles and check out all of the links.