Group Activities and Dynamics: Group 16-Hydrogen Bomb
Christy DeLaporte, Shanta S., Karrie Milam, and Emily Gorman

Our group met four times. The first time we met at the library to discuss the articles we found (around ten). Several people brought articles, including Christy DeLaporte and Shanta Subramanian. After the topic was agreed on, we found it in Wade. Next, we agreed to find links to the article. Meeting took thirty-five minutes.

On our second meeting we met at the Physics computer lab and showed each other our links. Christy DeLaporte brought in numerous links. Shanta Subramanian found several links. Karrie Milam found a link that was useful. Then our group wrote the questions. Together we revised and made suggestions to the questions presented. Emily Gorman typed the questions. After this we answered question one. We then assigned finding answers and writing the editorial comments. Emily Gorman wrote the editorial, Karrie Milam answered questions 2, 3, and 4, and Shanta Subramanian answered 5. The group discussed what type of answers they were looking for and guidelines on what to include in the editorial comments. Christy DeLaporte offered to put the html files together. Meeting took 40 minutes.

The third meeting was at the Physics computer lab and we turned in answers and editorial comments. We discussed what was turned in. Meeting was 15 minutes.

The last meeting we again met at the Physics computer lab. We looked at the finished product and checked the links and answered concerns. Meeting was 10 minutes.

NOTE: Outside time to prepare took a lot longer since our group came to these meetings very prepared. Our group was very useful and efficient. Not only did we do this project but helped each other in class and in lab. Everyone in the group was very productive and cared about the project. In conclusion, we would like to engage in group activities again!