Peer Assessment of Group 18
C A T E G O R Y G11 G12 G13 G14 G15 Average
Topic Selection
19 20 19 20 20 19.6
Newspaper and Article Selection
9 10 10 9 7 9
Quality of Editorial Comments
9 9 10 10 10 9.6
Organic Chemistry Content
9 10 9 10 10 9.6
Selection and Quality of the Links 
18 20 18 19 20 19
Format, Number and Types of Questions
9 10 10 9 10 9.6
Quality of the Questions
9 9 10 10 10 9.6
Overall Impression 
9 10 9 10 10 9.6
TOTAL 91 98 95 97 97 95.6


Evaluation by Group 11

A)Group 11: The Unknowns
B)Group 18: Polyesters
  (1)Topic Selection: 19 Points
      -Everyone can relate with Chocolate
  (2)Newspaper and Arcticle Selection: 9 Points
      -CNN is good, very current; But did it ever come from a Newspaper?
  (3)Quality of the Editorial Comments: 9 Points
      -Digs well below the surface....good job!
  (4)Organic Chemistry Content: 9 Points
      -Mentioned a lot of organic stuff
  (5)Selection and Quality of the Links: 18 Points
      -Lots of links, some seemed oddly-titled (Studies,hundereds of
  (6)Format, Number, and Types of Questions: 9 Points
      -Present and accounted for
  (7)Quality of the Questions: 9 Points
      -Only question 5 seemed to go with the article...the rest were very
       organic-related and not really on par with the article
  (8)Overall Impression: 9 Points
      -Great job with an interesting topic!


Evaluation by Group 12

(A) Group 12, The Mad Scientists

(B) Group 18, The Polyesters


     Topic: 20/20  Everbody loves chocolate, unless they're communist.

     Article Selection: 10/10  Excellent source.

     Quality of Editorial Comments: 9/10  Lots of good info, but you
lost us in a place or two.

     Chemistry: 10/10  Nothing was left unsaid.

     Links: 20/20  Quality.  

     Question Format: 10/10  Followed instructions.

     Question Quality: 9/10  PSP question did't quite fit.

     Overall Impression: 10/10 Great job!

Total Points: 98/100


Evaluation by Group 13

(A) Group 13:  Organic Machine

(B) Group 18:  The Polyesters

(C) Peer Evaluation:
	Part One: Topic Selection-19 pts.
Their article seemed interesting, and although it was more geared towards
women and their cravings for chocolate, it still seemed as if it would
have a wide audience.
	Part Two: Article Format-10 pts.
It came from a reliable source and the author of the article seemed well
informed of knowledge.
	Part Three: Editorial Comments-10 pts.
They were very in depth and helped to add insight to the article.  The
diagram was a nice touch!
	Part Four: Organic CHemistry Content-9 pts.
They were able to incorporate three different chapters into the article
and the article itself seemed to talk about the related science.
	Part Five: Selection and Quality of Links-18 pts.
There seemed to be a sufficient amount of links, but some of them were
similar in that they were home pages and/or came from the same source.
	Part Six: Format, Number, and TYpes of Questions-10pts.
There were a sufficient amount of questions that differed in format.
	Part Seven: Quality of Questions: 10 pts.
Good quality, seemed to get you thinking about new ideas.
	Part Eight: Overall Impression-9 pts.
This could definitely be published without any major changes, and very few
minor changes if that.  It was very interesting and a well put together

Total pts: 95 pts.


Evaluation by Group 14

(A) Group 14 The Nucleofugs

(B) Group 18 The Polyesters

(C) Responses to Various Evaluation Categories

(1) Topic Selection: 10 Points (0-10)
The topic of chocolate and its potential status as a "health food" is of
interest to virtually everyone who's ever tried the delicacy and felt
remotely guilty for indulging. The organic chemistry connection is
essential in understanding chocolate's potential role as vehicle for
antioxidants. Maybe our group is a bit biased, but who doesn't love
chocolate-covered organic chemistry? 

(2) Newspaper and Article Selection: 9 Points (0-10) may not be a high-quality newspaper, but CNN is generally a
well-respected news source. The article is timely, of an appropriate
length, and highly interesting.

(3) Quality of the Editorial Comments: 10 Points (0-10)
The editorial comments take the article's comncepts one step further to
provide extremely helpful background information. The editorial is very
well-written, organized, and nicely illustrated.

(4) Organic Chemistry Content: 10 Points (0-10)
The issue of antioxidants in chocolate is discussed thoroughly and related
directly to organic chemistry. Links are provided to further illustrate
key compounds and illustrations explain the processes involved cholesterol
transport. The reference section is complete.

(5) Selection and Quality of the Links: 19 Points (0-10)
Definitely a strong point for this project. The links are high-quality,
extremely relevant, and thorough. However, a fun link or two regarding
chocolate might liven it up a bit more.

(6) Format, Number, and Types of Questions: 9 Points (0-10)
The format and number of questions are appropriate, and the illustrated
answers are wonderful. The questions are primarily mechanistic, so the
project might benefit from adding another conceptual question or two. The
PSP question is appropriate, but it might work better to leave it
open-ended to encourage readers to justify their answers.

(7) Quality of the Questions: 10 Points (0-10)
The quality of these questions is superb. They are clearly written and
are central to the key issues of the article. Individually taken, they
provide an appropriate level of challenge. As a group, they may be a bit
overwhelming, so it might help to mix up the types of questions more.

(8) Overall impression: 10 Points (0-10)
This project is worthy of publication. The group clearly put a great deal
of thought and effort into all aspects of the project.

(9) Total: 97 Points


Evaluation by Group 15

(A)Group 15: Fall 99

(B)Group 18: Polyesters

(C)Responses to Various Evaluation Categories
     1)Topic Selection: 20 points
          Extremely interesting topic of high social importance.  This 
          is very relevant to organic chemistry.
     2)Newspaper and Article Selection: 7 points
 is not an online newspaper.  We were under the impression 
          that the article had to be from an online newspaper.  However,
          the article was intriguing, relevant, a proper length, and 

     3)Quality of the Editorial Comments: 10 points
          The editorial comments were excellent and really brought out the 
          key issues.  Comments were well-organized and utilized proper grammar. 

     4)Organic Chemistry Content: 10 points
          Organic chemistry issues were more than adequately explained and 
          made clear.

     5)Selection and Quality of the Links: 20 points
          The links provided excellent additional information that
          really added to the overall quality of the article.

     6)Format, Number, and Types of Questions: 10 points
          All instructions were followed involving the questions.

     7)Quality of the Questions: 10 points
          We found the questions to be superb!!  They really helped to 
          reinforce the information given and the chemistry learned!  

     8)Overall Impression: 10 points
          Excellent project!!!  Well-written and extremely

Total of points allocated: 97 out of 100.