Group Actions and Dynamics : Group 19 Harris Gang

As a group we met a total of five times. On two occasions we met before lab for approximately 30 minutes and on two occasions we met for a hour in Memorial Union. We also met one final time to bring all of the parts of the project together for submission. Our group members were also able to keep in touch with each other through e-mail, which was done many times. The group went through a total of five articles before finally deciding which one to use. In our meetings we delegated responsibilities to each member ranging from article selection, searching for links, and evaluating the other groups.

There advantages and disadvantages to working in a group. It was easy to give different jobs to each member which lead to each person spending less time on the project. It was also fairly simple to come up with various ideas and find more links helping to improve the editorial comments. The one downside to working in such a large group was finding a good time to meet and discuss the project.

Our group did not spend any time together but to work on the project. These groups however were a good way to meet new people and find help during lab. A large project like this really needs a group in order to be successful. However, the group project added an extra level of stress to an already difficult class.