Group 1 Dynamics Report

Our group usually met after Chemistry 212 class on Thursdays in the Physics building and computer lab. No one in our group had class at 10 am on Thursday. We also met on Sunday evenings in Memorial Union. Our meetings usually lasted about an hour. On the occasion in which we finalized and submitted our project, the meeting lasted closer to 2 hours. We met approximately once per week.

We chose from approximately ten articles during the selection process. Each member brought 2-3 articles to a meeting and we decided among those presented. It was difficult, however, to find articles. Many websites only allowed the past few day's newspapers to be searched for no charge. We could not access archives of online newspapers unless we wanted to buy the article.

We did gain some useful tools from this project. We learned how to use ChemDraw to add our chemical structures. We also learned how to create an html document and email an attachment. Our group also saw organic chemistry at work in everyday life. We observed chemistry in our society and saw the relevance to some of our class work.

Despite the positive results of the project, we were also faced with many problems. Scheduling was the major issue. It was difficult to find a time when all six group members could meet. Each person has a different, busy schedule in which we try to balance school, work, and other numerous responsibilities. Six people are a very large group for a project of this kind and we recommend reducing the group size to three or four people in the future. Email was our method of communicating, however even that was difficult. We never had email discussions, but instead it was only used to decide on a meeting time and place. Many of our group members lived off campus or did not check their email frequently. Despite the fact that our members worked well once together, it was very difficult to get everyone together to work.