Subject: Group 22 "The Electron Pushers" Group Dynamics Report

	The collaborative semester project assigned as a part of our Chem
212 coursework was fairly labor intensive.  We probably met once every
other week until the project was completed.  We met at Memorial Union a
couple of time to discuss our game plan.  The meetings lasted anywhere
from a few minutes to a couple of hours.  We did a lot of work 
individually on the web.  E-mail was our form of communication for this
	We searched for a long time to find an article we thought was
adequate.  Our group went through at least ten newspapers and probably
forty articles because so many of them were very drab.  The search for the
article went about mostly individually because we did have some trouble
matching up our schedules.  The last time the "Electron Pushers" met we
were at Memorial Union again, but for the end of it we were in the
computer lab looking over our links to ensure they were high quality and
would flow in the editorial.  One person wrote the editorial to save time
and we all helped search for the links.  After our last meeting of a few
hours, one person put up the webpage and that itself was quite
challenging.  It took a few hours to get everything to flow and look nice.
Also, we ran into some problems with revision because the Bayer site had
the wrong image of aspirin on it.  
	The concept of collaborative semester projects is a good one.  We
did learn a lot, but at the same time it was very difficult for our group
to function efficiently.  Even with only four people we could hardly
manage to agree on a time to meet.  We did a lot of arguing during some of
our meetings, but that was only to ensure we had a great page. So far as
studying together outside of the project, it just didn't happen.  Group 
22 learned a lot (especially about the web) and this project is probably a
good one to continue.  Not only does it help your grade, but you learn
some important skills like web efficiency and team work.

-Group 22 "The Electron Pushers"