Peer Assessment of Group 22
C A T E G O R Y G16 G17 G18 G19 G20 Average
Topic Selection
18 20 20 20 20 19.6
Newspaper and Article Selection
8 8 9 8 10 8.8
Quality of Editorial Comments
9 10 9 10 9 9.6
Organic Chemistry Content
10 10 10 9 10 10
Selection and Quality of the Links 
20 20 17 18 20 19
Format, Number and Types of Questions
10 10 10 10 10 10
Quality of the Questions
9 10 8 9 10 9.2
Overall Impression 
10 9 9 9 10 9.4
TOTAL 94 97 92 93 99 95


Evaluation by Group 16

Subject: group 22 by group 16
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 20:41:02 PDT

1)	18/20  not original
2)	8/10	  too long, not high quality paper
3)	9/10
4)	10/10
5)	10/10   (should be 20/20!!)
6)	10/10
7)	9/10 	  Question 2 is not original
8)	10/10   Good
total: 94


Evaluation by Group 17

A) Group 17 AAA

B) Group 22 The Electron Pushers

C) Responses to Varous Evaluation Categories

 1) Topic Selection-20
   The topic selection was very interesting. It was also very relevant to
organic chemistry due to our studies on the chemistry of aspirin.

 2) Newspaper and Article Selection-8
     The article was quite interesting and somewhat current. The article
source was quite unique by being located in an online newspaper. However,
due to it being a newspaper solely online can cause it to be somewhat

 3) Quality of the Editorial Comments-10
     The editorial comments were wonderful. It explained the organic
chemistry thoroughly, yet succintly.

 4) Organic Cheimistry Content-10
     The organic chemistry content correlated well with the pertinent
reference section.

 5) Selection and Quality of the Links-20
     The links were not only relevant, but were also integrated nicely
into the editorial comments.

 6) Format Number, and Types of Questions-10
     Good question quality, and nice usage of a link in question number

 7) Quality of Questions-10
     The questions and their quality were quite good.

 8) Overall Impression-9
     This problem set was of good quality. Nice job!

Total Points: 97


Evaluation by Group 18

(A) Group 18:  Polyesters
(B) Group 22 - Electron pushers
(C) Evaluations

1. Topic selection - 20
Very original, upbeat, and interesting topic!

2. Newspaper and article selection -9
Article is interesting, but a little long.

3. Quality of editorial comments - 9
Editorial comments overall were very good.  The graphics were great!
The comments could have been longer, and not all terminology was
thoroughly explained. 

4. Organic chemistry content-10
Good references to organic chemistry.

5. Selection and quality of links-17
Links were of good quality, but there could have been a few more. One
link didn't work.

6. Format, number and types of questions-10
Number and types of questions good.

7. Quality of questions-8
The questions weren't very original; they look similar to homework
problems.  A group from last semester had very similar questions.  A few
concerns: why are only three resonance forms requested with four are
shown?  What if the student doesn't write the major one, but the other
three?  Also, the synthesis seems a little particular.  

8. Overall impression -9
Overall, a very interesting topic and the project was well done.



Evaluation by Group 19

A) Group 19 Harris Gang
B) Group 22 The Electron Pushers
C) Evaluation

 1) Topic Selection-20
    The topic should create interest to various audiences because the
drugs heroin and aspirin are widely known and used drugs.  This article
would serve as a wonderful side-note to our organic studies of aspirin and
other drugs.

 2) Newspaper and Article Selection-8
     The newspaper is on-line, which always carries problems with
legitimacy, although I don't believe this article would have that problem,
but you never can be to sure.  The article was rather lengthy, but
kept the interest at least somewhat high even by the end.  The author's
attention seemed to write more on a historical perspective, although
Richard Askwith appeared to have at least a sufficient knowledge of

 3) Quality of the Editorial Comments-10
    Brief and straight to the point.  Good job.

 4) Organic Cheimistry Content-9
     The key organic chemical issues were made clear in the editorial
comments.  Some important background information was given to understand
the organic chemistry, although a little more information about the
process of producing these drugs would further provide some background.

 5) Selection and Quality of the Links-18
     The links were fairly revelant, with a sufficient number of them.
I'm still confused about what I'm supposed to get out of the PGHS link.
The Bayer link is probably not needed; it is a household company name, and
the link really doesn't add anything.  The rest  of the links are very
important and informational.

 6) Format Number, and Types of Questions-10
     The questions were in the correct format, along with the style as
listed in the instructions.

 7) Quality of Questions-9
     Asking only for 3 of 4 structures allows students to a structure that
is not the major resonance form.  The rest of the question are pertinant
and to the point.

 8) Overall Impression-9
     The editorial looks very professional and looks like quality time
was spent on the project.

Total Points: 93


Evaluation by Group 20

A.  Group Number 20, The Wolfe Pack

B.  Group Number 22, The Electron Pushers

	1.Topic selection: 20 points
		The article is indeed broad enough for anyone in the
chemistry audience to understand.  As a matter of fact, it would probably
be interesting to even NON-chemists.  It is an article that discusses
aspects of chemistry (via aspirin and heroin) and, yet, is also
entertaining.  The idea that the man who brought the world aspirin was
also the progenitor of heroin is very ironic.  All in all, a VERY GOOD
topic selection (as well as article selection).

	2.  Newspaper and Article Selection: 10 points
		The electronic "newspaper" selected by this group does
seem to be of a high quality.  The article was published relatively
recently although the article is a bit longish (but not enough to lose any
points over).  As for the article selection, it's very good.  This group
found it to be entertaining AND instructive (that's a combo we've thought
we'd never see).

	3.  Quality of Editorial Comments:  9 points
		The editorial included is concise, short, well-organized,
well-written, and relevant.  Our only problem is that the editorial
doesn't really contribute anything new to the article.  Basically, (with
only a little new information) it basically just repeats the article with
no new insight or thought-provoking insight.  Otherwise, a very nice,
tight editorial.

	4.  Organic Chemistry Content: 10 points
		The article covers something we've actually discussed in
class (aspirin and heroin), so it's very relevant to organic chemistry.
There was sufficient information provided to understand the chemistry.
Important chemical structures were shown and there were pertinent
references.  Nice diagrams and pictures too.

	5.  Selection and Quality of Links:  20 points
		The links are indeed relevant, useful, diverse, and there
are no problems getting to them.

	6.  Format, Number, and Types of Questions: 10 points
		All five questions are present in the group project.  The
questions do vary and one PSP is present.

	7.  Quality of Questions:  10 points
		The questions are very good (not far-fetched).  They also
cover relevant issues to organic chemistry.

	8.  Overall impression: 10 points
We could VERY easily see this in  a Prentice Hall book (it presents a
relevant topic to chemistry while also discussing its history).  Professor
Glaser even mentioned this article in class.  Overall, great job.

Overall points: 99 points