Group Actions and Dynamics
Group Number 23, Truman's Organic Tigers

Our group formally met two times, once for the CSP, and once for the Peer Evaluations. Each meeting was about two hours in length. They were held at the Sigma Kappa house, where we used a personal computer to do the assignments. All of the meetings were very productive, and we were able to complete our work in the time period. A lot of the work for the project was done ahead of time, individually. Group meetings were just to collaborate and finish what was already started. We all worked very well together. The decision for the news article was a difficult one. After we chose our topic we each spent our own time searching for an article. When a possibility was found it was e-mailed to the group. Between all of us, we probably checked out twenty to thirty articles on our topic.

The advantage to the group work was that you had the chance to interact on a more personal level. It helped to broaden the spectrum of the classwork, plus it was a chance to receive a grade for something other than a test. We liked the project, but it was difficult to really work as a group to get it done. Most of the work, except for the peer evaluations, was done on a more individual basis. It wasn't really something that could be broken up and distributed to different people, so that everyone would have something to do. It kind of ended up being one of those things where one person carries most of the load. It's hard to trust people you don't know to get stuff done, and do it as well as you'd like.

We didn't really have any other interactions outside of the group project. We are each the type of people that like to study by themselves. It seems that every time we've studied in a group, we don't usually get a lot done. Everyone spends a lot of time deciding what to study, or just talking. Then you've spent a lot of time doing something that probably could have been done in less than half of the time you just spent. We liked the project, and wouldn't mind doing it again. But if we had the choice, we would rather do it individually than in groups.