Peer Assessment of Group 23
C A T E G O R Y G16 G17 G18 G19 G20 Average
Topic Selection
20 17 18 18 20 18.6
Newspaper and Article Selection
10 10 8 10 10 9.6
Quality of Editorial Comments
7 8 9 8 8 8
Organic Chemistry Content
9 10 7 8 8 8.4
Selection and Quality of the Links 
19 17 17 18 19 18
Format, Number and Types of Questions
7 10 10 10 10 9.4
Quality of the Questions
5 10 9 8 9 8.2
Overall Impression 
8 8 7 8 9 8
TOTAL 88 90 85 88 93 88.8


Evaluation by Group 16

Subject: group 23 by group 16
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 20:42:23 PDT

1)	20/20		very interesting
2)	10/10
3)	7/10		not very scientific didn't expand article
4)	9/10		good links, not so good in editorial
5)	19/20		good links, scientific, monsanto link needed
6)	7/10		don't have all five
7)	5/10		not intriging, not thought provoking, not really
8)	8/10		article good by editorial and editorial and
			questions and were not very good
total 88/100


Evaluation by Group 17

(A)  Group number 17 AAA

(B)  Group number 23 Truman's Organic Tigers


1. 17/20  The topic does not seem to retain our interest, but it is of
significance to our society in general.  There was a good relation to
organic chemistry, but it swayed into a biochemical aspect at times.

2. 10/10  BBC is a great source!  The author was top notch.  The article
was interesting and it was written very recently.

3.  8/10  There were a few gramatical errors.  The editoral comments
clarify the article and its relevance.

4.  10/10  The organic chemistry related well to our future studies.  We
felt comfortable with the chemistry that was discussed in the comments
and article.   

5.  17/20  The two resistance links seemed redundant.  Some of the links
seemed advanced for our purposes.  The rest of the links were very

6.  10/10  Fits the critera!!!

7.  10/10  The questions were very good.  They related to the article
and the editorial comments.  They made the reader do a thorough reading
and understand some organic chemistry concepts.  

8.  8/10   The article is good, but it is not on the level of Prentice
Hall.  The links need to be more precise.  The editorial comments don't
fit the article.  It seems that the article was about the conservation
of monarch butterflies, not bt corn.  


Evaluation by Group 18

(A) Group 18:  Polyesters
(B) Group 23:  Truman's Organic Tigers
(C) Evaluations

1. Topic selection - 18
The topic was okay, but could have been more relevant.

2. Newspaper and article selection -8
The article was high quality, but its relation to organic chemistry is
not clear. 

3. Quality of editorial comments - 9
The comments could have been more in-depth, they are too short. 

4. Organic chemistry content-7
There is a connection to chemistry, but the link to organic chemistry
was not clearly established.  Acid-base chemistry is discussed instead. 

5. Selection and quality of links-17
The links were okay, but there should have been more.  The choice of
"mode of action" as a link doesn't seem well embedded in the article.
Other than this, the links are informative.

6. Format, number and types of questions-10
Correct number and types of questions.

7. Quality of questions-9
The questions seemed very specific to acid-base chemistry and were good,
but other areas of chemistry would have made the questions more

8. Overall impression -7
The topic is interesting, but the link to organic chemistry is not good.



Evaluation by Group 19

(A) Group 19:  Harris Gang
(B) Group 23:  Truman's Organic Tigers
(C) Evaluations

1. Topic selection - 18
The chosen topic is a key enviromental concern relating to organic

2. Newspaper and article selection -10
The article came from a highly reputable source that was recently written.

3. Quality of editorial comments - 8
The editorial comments could have been expanded more to help give a better
relationship to organic chemistry

4. Organic chemistry content-8
The organic chemistry content underlies this article but was not
appropriately emphasized.

5. Selection and quality of links-18
The links are relevant to the editorial comments being made.  They helped
explain information in the article.

6. Format, number and types of questions-10
There are appropriate questions for each of the required guidlines.

7. Quality of questions-8
The questions could have been expanded to cover more topics in the article
and editorial comments.

8. Overall impression -8
The article could have been better understood with a more elaborate
editorial comments section.  The relationship to organic chemistry was not
properly done.



Evaluation by Group 20

(A) Group 20, The Wolfe Pack
(B) Group 23, The Organic Tigers
(C) Responses

(1) Topic Selection:  20 points (0 - 20)
The most interesting part of their topic was that it involved all realms
of sscience: biology, chemistry, and genetics.  It could appeal to a wide
range of audiences with differing interests.

(2) News Paper and Article Selection:  10 points (0 - 10)
The article was written by an environmentalist, which is a very reliable
source considering the content of the article.  It is a recent article
dealing with a recent and an alarming issue.  Very interesting topic!

(3) Quality of Editorial Comments:  8 points (0 - 10)
The editorial could be a little longer with more detailed elaboration.  I
was more interested in the key issues concerning organic chemistry, an
area which the editorial was lacking.

(4) Organic Chemistry Content:  8 points (0 - 10)
The issues were briefly stated, but more needs to be said to make the
organic issues of the article concrete and noticeable.  The issues stated
about the amino acids and the acid-base properties were relevant and

(5) Selection and Quality of Links:  19 points (0 - 20)
The acid-base properties link was a good addition to the editorial.  The
link is a little too brief and the issue about the acids and bases could
have been understood better if the editorial included additional links
about acids and bases.  The group needed to have more variety of links;
most of the links given were about Bt corn.  The editorial would have been
more powerful with more links to chemistry-related topics.

(6) Format, Number, and Types of Questions:  10 points (0 - 10)
The questions were all formatted well, with the complete relevancy to the
topic and article.  There was a good mix of chemistry questions and Bt
questions.  Well done!!

(7) Quality of the Questions: 9 points (0 - 10)
The only concern that I had with the questions was that a majority of the
answers were found in only one of the editorial links.  The questions
stated were understandable, clear and they addressed the key issues of the

(8) Overall Impression: 9 points (0 - 10)
I believe the article was well - written and thorough.  The editorial was
a bit brief, but none-the-less my overall impression was an A (grade).
The article was interesting and understandable.