Group 24 was made up of Michael Lawrence, Travis Grant, Kyle Yount, Missy Lyons, and Laura Sherman. Our first real meeting was March 14th, although Michael and Travis had met a week or so beforehand and began collaborating on what article to choose for submission. Travis came up with a few entries, but Michael won out, having located an ideal article from an exotic Thailand newspaper. The other group members agreed on the article on the 14th, and from there the work was spread out to promote optimal participation. Kyle provided a page of links to various meth websites, while Missy and Laura collaborated to come up with a number of questions pertaining to the article. Michael was chiefly in charge of the web page writing, and Travis was in charge of coming up with the summary. The lines blurred, as Travis and Michael were able to quickly communicate back and forth electronically (via ICQ), and worked up the page layout and summary more or less together. Michael rewrote a number of questions, and he and Travis each provided two answers to the four questions. Once finished, the group met again briefly on the 21st, and all members agreed that the page was appropriate and well written.

The amount of time Missy and Laura spent together in collaborating the questions is unknown, as is the amount of time Kyle spent coming up with the list of links. The two major group meetings each lasted approximately 30 to 45 minutes. The meetings were pleasant, and everyone was agreeable. Michael and Travis invested approximately fifteen hours between the two of them on the project, in working up the layout, rewriting the summary and questions, and fixing the occasional html code anomaly.

The group has not studied together, and has focused only on the project when meeting. However, in the wake of the project Michael and Travis have become friends, now spending time together playing video games via the Internet. The only aspect of the project that was not looked over by Travis and Michael was the groupÕs peer reviews of 28 and 29, written by Missy and Laura, who emailed their impressions to Dr. Glaser before the other group members had taken a look at them. That was not the case for peer reviews of 26 and 27, which were sent out to all members before being submitted to the good doctor.