Our group enjoyed searching and finding an interesting chemistry related article on the internet. Each of our group members found several possible articles and then submitted their favorite as a possible article for the group to use. Then together we decided to go with the gambling addiction/dopamine article. We always worked well together and agreed on nearly every aspect of our project. The main problem for our group was finding a set time that all four of us could meet. We are all in the Tuesday morning lab, and we would always discuss a possible meeting time for that week when we were finished with the experiment. We ended up usually meeting for a couple of hours, once a week. As was stated before our group got along very well, we finished everything on time, and were always willing to work around one another's schedules. As far as studies for the lecture material go, we do not have a set time each week when our group meets to study, but if any of us has a question that needs to be answered the first people that we call are each other. Our group agrees that in general we are not wild about group projects, but we were happy to complete this one because of the positive interactions in our group, and our enthusiasm about our subject.