Group Actions and Dynamics

Group 26: Chemical Brothers

We met five times. These meetings lasted from 2-4 hours. Each person contributed in their own way to the project, whether it was finding articles, or editorial comments. Choosing a newspaper was not a problem, considering our topic. It was especially easy to find an article on drugs in Miami. We did have two other articles that we considered choosing, but they were not pertinent to chemistry; only human affairs. Some of the advantages we found while working as a group were that we got more ideas and solutions. Cory Blake even brought us pizza. What a nice guy! No real problems occurred, other than our planned meeting times sometimes ran over into a regular chemistry study time. Working as a group allowed us to exchange helpful hints and ideas. In addition, it expanded our study resources. On a more personal level, we became good friends. Overall, we believe group projects are helpful, but it was difficult to schedule meeting times that were comfortable with all of us.