Group meetings and dynamics

Kreuter's circle met about once every-other week after lab for an hour to discuss any questions that came up. In preparation for exams we did not schedule an official time; however, we did establish an area in the library to study (the long tables in the reference section). This method seemed to work well for all because of the informality and usually someone was studying. When we had due dates for various group work we usually met as usual after lab in the physics building/lab. Once we had to schedule a meeting time on a Sunday because of a busy week, where we met in the engineering library for about an hour and a half. For peer review our group met in A & S computer lab on Wednesday to discuss the projects.

We looked at a variety of articles before we finally decided on a winner. We decided that each member would do a little homework with the book to identify a possible focus for our project page. When we first met, we tried for a very strange source. This turned-out to be a dead end since most strange newspapers are not that reliable. At first we thought we had something, but our article needed a password. This time back at square one we opted for dependable CNN. Our focus did not change, the articles were very similar. CNN in the end turned-out to be a good foundation for our project. In the end we went through about 25 articles before we found a reliable non-password article.

The group work did a lot to distribute the work load of this project page. Again, we used the group rarely for study sessions; however, on a personal psychological level it was reassuring that we each had two other people for support in this monster of a class. Our group has enjoyed the group experience, but we all agree that this method of using the group for back-up made it an enjoyable experience.