Group 28 "The Prouty Group"

Emily Hyde, Andrea Prouty, Danielle Smith, and Erin Brown

During the course of this project, our group met five times to complete the assignment. Our first meeting was brief. In the lab we discussed individual efforts in order to be prepared for our first collaborative meeting later that week. We all decided that it would be effective and efficient if we all searched the web for newspaper articles separately and then brought our ideas together.

Our second meeting took place in the ever-popular Brady Commons for about an hour and a half. At this meeting we evaluated approximately thirteen newspaper articles from various papers around the globe brought by all the members of the group, before finally selecting the sausage article. We found this article to have strong entertainment value, but also related quite well to organic chemistry. At this meeting we also selected the proper chemistry chapters and the relative key words pertaining to our topic.

After having some trouble with the submission of our article we again met briefly after lab to assign main topics within the article so we could search individually for related links. Following this brief meeting we met as a group at the Physics computer lab to bring together our individual discoveries. We each contributed printed copies of at least four web sites. We decided as a group which web sites were most appropriate for our topic and put together a rough draft of our editorial. This meeting took about 2 hours.

We met again in the Physics computer lab to type our final project. This process took about three hours to finalize due to the perfectionists in our group. We each looked the final draft over for last minute changes to be made and then promptly submitted the editorial. Our final meeting took place in the Physics computer lab once again. We discussed peer reviews collectively and assigned point values accordingly. We also wrote the dynamics report. This meeting took approximately 1.5 hours.

We all personally benefited from this group project because as a group, we worked well together. We got along famously and it made lab a more comfortable environment to see familiar faces. This group project was beneficial because it made the class more personal in a lecture of 300 students. Realistically, it is difficult to work around the schedules of all of the group members. We are busy kids. All in all, we all benefited because we learned about finding chemistry on the web but we found its relevance to the lecture rather small. It was also fairly time consuming for an already time demanding class.