Peer Assessment of Group 28
C A T E G O R Y G21 G22 G23 G24 G25 Average
Topic Selection
20 19 20 19 18 19.2
Newspaper and Article Selection
8 8 8 9 8 8.2
Quality of Editorial Comments
10 9 9 10 10 9.6
Organic Chemistry Content
10 10 10 10 8 9.6
Selection and Quality of the Links 
19 17 18 19 16 17.8
Format, Number and Types of Questions
10 9 7 8 9 8.6
Quality of the Questions
10 9 9 8 8 8.8
Overall Impression 
10 9 8 9 8 8.8
TOTAL 97 90 89 92 85 90.6


Evaluation by Group 21

A) Group 21-The Chemettes
B) Group 28-Prouty Group
C) Responses to Various Evaluation Categories

1)Topic Selection:  20 Points-Excellent topic; Relative to chemistry, and
yet a very entertaining topic

2)Newspaper and Article Selection:  8 Points-The article was a little old
(1997); the newspaper was of good quality; no author mentioned which
questions the validity

3)Quality of the Editorial Comments:  10 Points-Relevant length and
comments helped understand the chemistry of the article

4)Organic Chemistry Content:  10 Points-The chemistry help clarify the

5)Selection and Quality of the Links:  19 Points-one link did not work;
the others were high quality, stable, and relevant

6)Format, Number and Types of Questions:  10 Points-PSP question was
included; good number of questions; balanced amount in different
7)Quality of Questions:  10 Points-Good questions, central issues were
addressed; table was helpful to understanding the topic

8)Overall Impression:  10 Points-Super job overall; a great project for
classroom use; needs few adjustments

Total:  97/100 


Evaluation by Group 22

(1)	19pts
	Very interesting topic and it has a great chem connection.
(2)	8pts
	It is original, but we weren't sure about the quality of the
	source and the author.
(3)	9pts
	It explained the chemistry pretty well.
(4)	10 pts
	We liked the way it intertwined.
(5)	17pts
	The links were pretty good, but not too interesting.
(6)	9pts
	We were confused as to what the PSP question was exactly.
	Otherwise great.
(7)	9pts
	Questions were good.
(8)	9pts
	Good page!



Evaluation by Group 23

(A) Group Number 23, Truman's Organic Tigers
(B) Group Number 28, Prouty Group
(C) Responses to Various Evaluation Categories

1. Topic Selection: 10 Points (0-10)
Very interesting topic.  Definately something that you don't hear every
day! Relates very well to the chemisty topic.

Dr. Glaser-

I was looking at some of the peer reviews on the web today and found that
the same thing happened to my group (#28 the Prouty Group) as below.
Could you fix ours?  It's the evaluation that was done by Group 
23, they only scored the first one for topic selection out of 10 points.
Thanks a lot,
Danielle :)

Amanda Kline wrote:
Dr. Glaser, I've looked at some of the peer reviews and I found a mistake
for one that reviewed my group.  The group scored the "topic selection" as
if it were out of 10 points instead of 20 (it says so in their comments).
This makes a big difference.  Can it be fixed?  I am in group 29.  Thanks,

Glaser:  Yes.  I am scaling the "10" to "20".

2. Newspaper and Article Selection: 8 Points (0-10)
The article was very interesting, but it was not published recently, and
we were not sure if the site was a reputable one.

3. Quality of Editorial Comments: 9 Points (0-10)
The comments didn't really address an outside political issue, but
everything was very clear and all of the main chemistry issues were

4. Organic Chemisty Content: 10 Points (0-10)
The chemistry content was very good and related very clearly.  All the
compounds involved were described clearly.

5. Selection and Quality of the Links: 18 Points (0-20)
The quality of the links were very good, and all of them were realated
very well.  It was easy to understand why they were positioned where they
were. The only thing lacking was external issues involved.  Everything
addressed was purely chemistry.

6. Format, Number, and Types of Questions: 7 Points (0-10)
Again, there weren't any broader issues addressed, as far as political or
personal issues go.  There wasn't really a true PSP question.  Number 5
was close, but not really a true PSP.

7. Quality of the Questions: 9 Points (0-10)
The questions were very clear and the main chemistry issues were addressed

8. Overall Impression: 8 Points (0-10)
The topic was very interesting, but there weren't any real personal or
political issues involved.  It was interesting because it was different.


Evaluation by Group 24

(A) 24 - Organophillics (B) 28 - Prouty Group (C) (1) Topic Selection - 19 points the topic did relate to chemistry, and the article caught our interest and would apply to a broad audience. One point was deducted because nitrates and nitrites were not a main focuse of this semesters studies. (2) Newspaper and Article Selection - 9 points The group did have to search for this article and it is exciting. It was perfect length and the author seemed knowledgable of the topic. One point was deducted because the article was not published within the last year. (3) Quality of the Editorial Comments - 10 points Appropriate length, good grammar, well written, organized, very relevant to the article. The article itself did not contain a lot of chemistry background and the editorial comments were a great supplement. (4) Organic Chemistry Content - 10 points The key issue of nitrates and nitrites being used by the body, but harmful in high amounts was made clear. Good amount of background information. The reference section was relevant, though short. (5) Selection and Quality of Links - 19 points The links were very useful and provided structures, additional information and probably appeal to most as some are about nutrition, a hot topic these days. Because the article was so concentrated on the nitrites and nitrates, a few links to closely related topics would have been good. (6) Format, Number and Types of Question - 8 6 questions, pertinent to the article, clear, the types of questions vary. But where is the PSP question? All questions had answers. (7) Quality of the Questions - 8 Once again, the questions could have brought other topics into the discussion. (8) Overall Impression - 9 The article was interesting and even a little humurous, a good contrast to organic chemistry.

Evaluation by Group 25

(A)  group 25, the Porkchop Express
(B)  group 28, Prouty Group
1.  (18/20) TOPIC SELECTION:  Pretty good topic.
2.  (8/10) ARTICLE SELECTION:  The article was not too interesting, and
seemed a streatch for this assignment.  (we want to know why he was eating
10 sausages, not what happened in the hospital!)
3.  (10/10) QUALITY OF EDITORIAL COMMENTS: The section about nitrosamines
was especially good.
4.  (8/10) ORGANIC CONTENT:  Lots of organic info in the comments, but
none in the article.
5.  (16/20) QUALITY / SELECTION OF LINKS:  Every link seemed to be the
same thing, were not chemistry-related, and kind of boring.
6.  (9/10) FORMAT, #, TYPES OF QUESTIONS:  "Thinking question" was kind of
a no-brainer. Good format.
7.  (8/10) QUALITY OF QUESTIONS:  The questions were not Chem 212-level
questions, more Chem 32 questions.  But the group did address the issues
of the comments.
8.  (8/10) OVERALL IMPRESSION:  The entire project didn't seem to flow.