Group Actions & Dynamics

Once our group received the assignment, we started working hard. Each of us began researching possible topics on our own. We decided the best way to decide which article to use was to research individually, come together and decide which article would be the best. We gave ourselves a week to find three possible articles and then met at the library on the following Saturday. We chose "Tracking Toxins" and the topic of 2-4 D, because this article was the most interesting and pertinent to what we were learning in class.

From there, about three weeks before the project was due, we met weekly to discuss where the project was going, anything interesting that we had found, and what we were going to do next. Therefore, we spent about an hour and a half weekly to work on the project.

Unfortunately, this was a tough experience to get everybody together on a regular basis, because of our busy schedules. All of the members of our group support ourselves through jobs and are taking a full semester of classes. It was extremely difficult to find a common time that we could all get together to work on the project.

The Cuba group has not yet had the opportunity to study together outside of the group project. Our group consisted of 6 members who did not know each other before this project. This added a little bit of tension to the already slightly stressful task of getting 6 different people to come to one conclusion. After a while, we learned to incorporate most everybody's ideas into the project in one way or another. This group project was beneficial individually, because we each met new people and refined skills needed to collaborate and interact peacefully and productively with our peers. We would engage in group activities of this sort again, because of the benefits we feel we received.