Answers to Questions

Question 1: What unique combination of physical properties does the CARILON polymer have that materials traditionally used, such as polyamides and polyacetals, lack?

The properties are superior strength, stiffness, strong performance in a broad temperature range, toughness, extra resistance to wear from friction, low hydrocarbon permeability, and extra resistance to many aggressive chemicals. These properties allow CARILON polymers to replace older polymers at a cheaper cost.

Question 2: Draw a general structure for a polyketone.

Question 3: What is a polyolefin? (Textbook)

Polymers made from monofunctional alkenes, such as ethylene and propylene.

Question 4: There are several important implications of this new technology. Give an example of how this new plastic can impact society.

See "All Case Histories" link on the article website.

Question 5: "In December 1998 Shell announced that CARILON was one of several businesses to be divested. In 1999 the business was thoroughly marketed and discussions were held with several interested parties, however none of these discussions developed into a sale."-CARILON Press statement
Why do you think that, despite all of the good things said about this new polymer technology, that not a single business decided to purchase the CARILON Company from Shell?

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