Group 31
Corey Malina
Andrea Hill
Jackie Love

The Dynamic of the Trio De Corey, Andrea, and Ms. Love

Initially, things were slow in the making, but, when push came to shove, or, should I say, when we felt the flame come down on us from he on-high Dr. Glaser, we kicked into gear and sought out a suitable article for the assigned project. It must be stated that we appreciated much the extra time that was allotted us in finding an article; for, it was our intent to uncover a gem of an article that would be both interesting and fun, as well unique and in-depth enough for Dr. Glaser to place his seal of approval upon our choice. Being for Tampa, and that my father is a Chemist, himself, I had the Tampa Tribune and various other journals sent to me via snail mail, while Andrea and Jackie turned their efforts toward the internet. In the end, it was an article unearthed by Ms. Love that proved most pleasing to chocolate-loving chemistry minds of our dear triumvirate; thus, it was an article on the chemical cousins of THC - anandamide, N-oleoylethanolamine and N-linoleoylethanolamine present in chocolate that we deemed worthy of selection. I suppose it was the outlaw glamour surrounding THC that served as the primary point of interest, even if some of us would prove less apt to admit such a thing as being fact. Anyhow, it was the belief of the group that the mystery surrounding chocolate and its canabinoid components deemed the article worthy of exploration; that is.

Things were, at first, a little slow in the going, mostly because of scheduling conflicts, a sickness, and a most unfortunate altercation between one group member and her roommate, which caused a great deal of turmoil for the involved party. Still, through all the rain and the tears, we managed to scrounge-up time enough for us to get the ball rolling, and put the project away. I would have to say that we were a bit disappointed in the fact that we were unable to locate the structures of anandamide, being that not much is known of the chemical at the present date. I, myself, spent the whole of three nights exhausting all the avenues and alleyways that I could think of for the shedding some light on the dilemma that we faced in there being limited resource available on the chemical most integral to the study we wished to investigate. Also, I believe that dears Andrea and Jackie too scoured the Earth, in pursuit of the desired information; however, their search proved of little success, as well. In the end, we got together and decided what aspects of the article deserved the greatest attention in our synopsis, and hashed out a rough draft of our paper, which Andrea later combed over, with a small amount of editing. Jackie proved to be quite a dear in taking it upon herself to produce the links that are to provide aid in understanding the chemistry behind the article, "Food for thought." Then, we had our last convocation, where we gave everything a final look before submit. Following such a time, when called on to group grade the projects of peer groups numbering one through five, Jackie, Andrea, and I gathered in the fifth floor computer lounge of the Honors Learning Community in Gillett Hall, where we for two hours worked as a cohesive unit to do that which was asked of us stand judge over projects that should mirror the work we, ourselves, have done over the past couple of months with regard to the Organic relevance contained within a news-clipping from one publication or another.

All in all, I would have to say that we were happy with our outcome, even though there were some kinks in the road that were unforeseeable. We worked well together, got along with a smashing humor, and even managed to learn a little something on the way. At the end of the day, I would have to say that the experience was fun and well worthwhile.