Peer Assessment of Group 32
C A T E G O R Y G26 G27 G28 G29 - Average
Topic Selection
20 20 19 20 - 19.25
Newspaper and Article Selection
10 7 9 9 - 8.75
Quality of Editorial Comments
10 10 10 10 - 10
Organic Chemistry Content
10 10 10 9.5 - 10
Selection and Quality of the Links 
15 12 17 14 - 14.5
Format, Number and Types of Questions
10 10 9 8 - 9.25
Quality of the Questions
10 9 8 10 - 9.25
Overall Impression 
9 8 9 9 - 8.75
TOTAL 94 86 89 89.5 - 90


Evaluation by Group 26

Subject: Peer evaluation of group 32 by group 26

Group 26 (evaluators): The Chemical Brothers

Group 32 (evaluatees): The Chemistry Dorks

1) Topic Selection: 20/20 pts.
  This topic was very good since we discussed this in class.  It relates
to society in that azo-dyes are widely used.   

2) Newspaper Article selection: 10/10 pts 
  The article was informative and interesting.  It left all the members of
the Chemical Brothers wanting to know the results of the draft proposal.
Do you guys know the results, since it's been over a year?

3)  Quality of the editorial comments: 10/10 pts.
  Good organization. Provided a good, in-depth look at azo-dyes.  

4)  Organic chemistry content: 10/10 pts.
  Azo-dyes are very relevant to organic chemistry, especially since we
discussed them in class.  Reference section is complete. 

5)  Selection and Quality of the links: 15/20 pts.  
  Two of the links didn't even work.  The cancer link could have been used
to directly connect the person to the section where azo-dye is discussed.
Organization of the links in the commments was done well.  The links did
provide some useful information.

6)  Format, Number, adn Types of Questions: 10/10 pts. 
  PSP question number five was good.  The other questions were relatively
good in pertaining to the chemistry aspect of the subject.

7) Quality of the Questions: 10/10 pts.  
  These are good questions, very easy to understand, very useful, and
challenging all at the same time.  How did you guys do that??

8)  Overall impression: 9/10 pts.
  Overall, we thought you're project was very very thorough and very very
well done, although we thought it was a little boring.  We would submit it
for publication, but does our opinion really count?  Definitely use it for
classroom material though.

Total score: 94/100 pts.


Evaluation by Group 27

(A) 27 Kreuter's Circle
(B) 32 The Chemistry Dorks
	1. Topic Selection 20 points
		The topic is wonderful because it deals with specific
organic chemistry, and shows that something very common is a cancer
	2. Newspaper and Article Selection 7 points
		The source is a trade development council that works to
promote its products, not an independent newspaper. The author is very
	3. Quality of Editorial Comments 10 points
		The group did a great job of taking a dry article and
transforming it into an interesting and understandable piece.
	4. Organic Chemistry Content 10
		Began at the start of the reaction and talked briefly
about substituent effects. 
	5. Selection and Quality of the Links 12 points
		3 out of 8 links did not work. They are: causation, Danish
EPA, and 76/769/EEC.
	6. Format, Number and Types of Questions 10 points
		Did good job of including various types of questions. The
PSP was not the last question, but it was included. 
	7. Quality of the Questions 9 points
		The first question is good, but I think that the answer
would be hard to find. I may be overlooking something here, please let me
know if the answer is not that hard to come by.
	8. Overall Impression 8 points
		The work done here was of high quality; however, the 3
failed links does not reflect well. We believe it would be a very useful
assignment after minor adjustments with link errors.


Evaluation by Group 28

A) The Prouty Group, #28
B) The Chemistry Dorks, #32

1.  Topic Selection 19 (0-20)
        This topic relates well to the chapters you selected from the

2.  Article Selection 9 (0-10)
        The article related well to chemistry, but we found it a little

3.  Quality of Editorial Comments 10 (0-10)
        The editorial was very good.  The comments explained the
chemistry very well.

4.  Organic Content 10 (0-10)
        The article and the topic dealt really well with organic chemistry
and the chapters you selected from the book.

5.  Selection and quality of the links 17 (0-20)
        The links went well with the topic, but we found them a little
boring and we couldn't get one of your links to work.
6.  Format/Number/Types of Questions 9 (0-10)
        You had good format, but the variety of the questions wasn't very

7.  Quality of the Questions 8 (0-10)
        The questions didn't seem to be the level of difficulty they   
should have been for Chem 212.

8.  Overall Impression 9 (0-10)
        Your project was put together well, dealt well with chemistry, and
flowed nicely.  Good job!

Total Points = 89


Evaluation by Group 29

>Subject: Peer evaluation of group 32 by group 29
>Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2000 15:32:25 CDT
>Mime-Version: 1.0
>1. Topic selection  20 points
>This topic might not interest Americans until laws are actually passed
here,but the topic has global significnce.  There is a strong relation to
organic chemistry -- we did this in class.
>2.  Newspaper and article selection  9 points
>The article was from a credible newspaper and had a qualified author.  It
>was published in 1999 and had an adequate length.  The article itself was
>rather dry.
>3.  Quality of the Editorial comments  10 points
>Good job of expanding on the article and explaining key points,
>the first paragraph.
>4.  Organic chemistry content  9.5 points
>Azo dyes are a direct relation to a class topic.  The references might
have pointed out the particular section in the chapter talking about azo
>5.  Selection and quality of the links  14 points
>Four out of seven links worked.  We can't comment on all of the links
>they didn't all work.
>6.  Format/Number/Types of questions  8 points
>Most of the questions were based on the structure of azo dyes.  The last
two questions were both PSP questions.
>7.  Quality of the questions  10 points
>The questions are very detailed and require a lot of knowledge about azo
>dyes.  They were relavent to the article.
>8.  Overall impression  9 points
>This article wouldn't need many adjustments, if any, for use in class.
The>subject matter is very relevent.