Group Dynamics Report for Three Musketeers Group 4

Three initial members formed group 4, as the name suggests, Mike, Mitzi, and Jennifer met after class and the Three Musketeers were formed. Our group soon grew to encompass two other members, Tim and Pete. After our group was completely formed we discussed possible times when we could meet. It was decided to spend a majority of our time working independently, so we could have productive meetings when we did finally meet as a group.

We collaborated several times via email throughout the entire process. Our first official meeting was held prior to the topic and article selection due date. Mike, Mitzi, and Jennifer met in the computer lab to choose between the articles our independent research had unearthed. Tim and Pete were not members of our group at this time. We quickly narrowed down the possible articles, and chose our current article. With our requirements fulfilled at this moment we set a meeting date several weeks in the future for when we would finalize our project. Tim and Pete were informed of our decision, and agreed to do independent research and keep in contact via email.

Submitting our project was a major task. The entire group met after class and we combined all of our efforts. We held a second meeting that same day to continue work, and agreed to meet the next day for the final submission. The first submission was minus a heading, so this problem was quickly remedied. However, a failed attachment postponed our submission. Finally we were able to get the project through, and we received and Early Bird Award.

During evaluations we discovered our links were not working. A simple error in the URL was causing the problem. With this fixed we were able to concentrate on the evaluations we needed to do. We were unsure if they should be submitted to Dr. Glaser or to a TA we just compiled all of the evaluations on one email account until we got the final word. Now with the evaluations submitted all that is left to complete is the Group Dynamics, and once it is submitted our group experience will be over. We may not have become the best of friends this semester, and we didnŐt form study groups, but at least we found a few friendly faces in the crowd.