Group Actions and Dynamic for Group 5

by Malinda Boyd

The beginning of our group was a rather turbulent time. We went through many changes of members, but once we chose a group it was smooth sailing. Initially, we decided to meet on Wednesdays at 6pm for about half an hour every week in Memorial Union. Later, we changed the time to 7pm due to schedule conflicts. Meeting on Wednesdays worked for the first few weeks. After that we decided that we would meet when needed, in order to formulate the project submission. One such meeting was the Sunday before the project was due. We met for approx. 2 hours to type, edit, and collaborate ideas and questions for the project. On Monday, the links were added, the project was checked over one last time and the project was submitted.

Finding a topic and article was somewhat difficult. We looked at approx. 8-10 articles. Our original idea was to research methamphetamines, but Matt was set on having an original idea. It payed off! We really enjoyed researching the topic, even though it was difficult to find information. The topic definitely kept our attention. We had a lot of overlapping information, but most of what we did find really enhanced our knowledge of the topic.

The biggest problem in our group was finding times to meet. Between the five of us, there seemed to be conflicts with other organizations, work, etc. at almost anytime we could come up with. We managed to work around the time conflict fairly effectively though.

Overall, we really enjoyed the experience of doing the projects. It was fun to find an interesting topic and to research it. The members of the group work really well together; everyone was very cooperative. Though usually group work is usually despised, we would do this again. We had fun working and learning together. It was a pleasurable experience.