Our group discussed issues related with the project several times before and after lectures and lab sessions. Before we had our actual meeting, we each surfed the web and found articles that we thought would be interesting for the project. We submitted one article that was not approved. We then sent in a second article.

After gaining approval, our group had a meeting at Memorial Union for about 1 hour in which we decided exactly how we should format this project. We then divided up the major key words of the article. Each group member was responsible for one key word. They had to find pertinent links and general information about the item as well as formulate a certain type of question with the answers.

Our next meeting was once again at Memorial Union for one and a half hours. We wrote our editorial comments and compiled everyone's information into our finished project. Then we formatted the project as a word file and submitted it to the instructor.

Every member of the group found interesting sites on possible articles for the project. We considered three articles before our final selection was decided. Working in groups was advantageous on one level because we were able to split up themes of the article and research a lot about one item instead of doing small searches for numerous key words. We were also able to discuss the article and find out what each member learned from the article.

Our group, as a whole, did not study together. We basically just got together to work on the project. Some members in our group knew each other previously and do study together for Chemistry and other classes. One of the problems with large lectures is that they are very impersonal, but because of this project we were able to meet new members of our class. We felt this project was done easily in a group, however most group members feel that this was not a great learning experience. Even though research is done, it is not helpful in clearly understanding organic chemistry. There is already a very high workload for this class and adding such a time consuming project that does not further clarify the material only makes the project inefficient in carrying out its intended goal. However, we would engage in such group activities again, even if it is just to meet new people.