Group Dynamics for the Morning Addition Our group found the projects both interesting and fun. Having a group that all had lab together was a lot easier than having random people from the lecture. It was easier because once a week we all had to see each other. Therefore responsibility was shared and no one was able to get by without participating. Our group consisted of Katie Rahmeyer, Kelly Smith, Chris Sisson, Alicia Bennet, Jennifer Baker, and Ryan Bradley. We all have lab on Tuesday mornings at 8am. That was the incentive for calling our group the "Morning Addition." We all have our hoods in the same row in the lab and that was why we chose to work together. Usually we would get together in the mornings after lab and talk about the project in general and what we would do for it the following night. We generally met on Wednesday nights at 8pm in the memorial union computer lab. We met on the 23rd of February to decide on the topic. One of us had read earlier that summer about the herbicide Atrazine and the problem with contamination in Midwest water supplies. Therefore, after talking about several other topics including other pesticides, we began an Internet search for headlines on our possible topics. Atrazine proved the most interesting, with several headlines dealing with the topic. We met from 8-10:30 that night, and found a lot of information about our topic. We met again for the three Wednesdays preceding our project due date for approximately 2.5 hours each time. Through the project we got to help each other with labs, explain sections of the book to each other, and get to know one another. We had to meet the night before submission and make sure everything was in order. This meeting went good as we had already done most of the work. We really enjoyed working together as we all got to learn about each other's talents such as computers, writing, and leadership. Overall, we felt that the CSP were a good way to make people work in-groups to learn about a topic. We all felt that if we had questions we could raise them to the group and receive a clear concise answer. Overall, we felt that we would participate in such a group again.