On this the tenth day of April of the year two thousand, we, the members of "The Underground" (formerly known as Don's group) present this group dynamics report to you, Dr. Rainer Glaser.

Our group worked quite well together- like a well-oiled machine. Each person did his or her part in finding suitable newspaper articles and topics- we were resourceful, sometimes daring, creative, dedicated and we got along marvelously. We found ten articles total, ranging in topics from frozen mammoths to polluted water. We were the epitome of efficiency, meeting once a week in our "Underground" lair (Don's room), for about an hour, until the last meeting which took a bit longer. Never once was an idea put down, all ideas were consistently reviewed considered, and voted on. All ideas were happily welcomed without bias and the final product presented to you is a melting pot of each of our own unique contributions to this wonderful project which we take pride in bringing the Chem 212 class.

We found that working in a group gives the advantage of more variety, and each of us learned to look at chemistry in ways we wouldn't have if we were working alone. Sometimes members of our group study together as well, and we have all gotten a bit closer through this experience and learned more about ourselves in the process. Our group didnŐt really have any problems; we were open in discussing our feelings on every idea and topic that surfaced, and everyone had a fair say in every discussion and decision that was made.

Group studying is a wonderful idea, the benefits are immense, especially when the group works well. As a final thought, we'd like to say that personally we believe people never stop learning; we learn from every experience we have and everyone we interact with. Learning in a group fosters growth in knowledge of both others, and ourselves and overall everyone is benefited.

Yours very truly- The Underground
Amanda Kline, Nick Vernetti, Don Yap, Erica Moore, Kris Chilcutt