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Chemistry 212 - Organic Chemistry II - WS00

Pointers on Web Destinations

Friends & Students!

On occasion, I will be pointing out a few WWW links to you. Many of these links, and many more, can be found in the "Web Destinations" section of the course web site.

This is about Medscape. That's right, Medscape, not Netscape. Medscape is a "portal" to Medicine. Simply type "medscape" in the location space of your browser and you will get to "http://www.medscape.com". Or click on either one of those URLs in this text. Medscape is a free service but you are supposed to sign up before you use it.

Now, let's give Medscape a try. Suppose we have a headache (all the studying of organic chemistry!) and we need some medicine for it. Type "headache" in the search field and return. You are presented with a list of recent articles discussing all kinds of headache related issues. Now note the box on the lower left with the greenish background. Click on "drugs by disease" and you will see the following list:

	Headache, Cluster 
	Headache, Frequent 
	Headache, Severe 
	Headache, Sinus 
	Headache, Tension 
	Headache, Vascular 
	Headache, Vascular, Prophylaxis 
	Headache/Head Pain 
All these choices. Since we meet four times a week, you might contemplate clicking on "Headache, Frequent", but then again, you decide to click on "Headache, Tension" ... and you are transferred to a screen that says:

	Information about Headache, Tension 

       		View drugs to treat 
       		View drugs to avoid in patients with condition 
       		View possible drug causes 
OK, let's "view drugs to treat" the headache. Quite a few choices are coming up. Select "Aspirin/Caffeine/Butalbital (Oral)". This selection brings you to a screen with all kinds of information. Look around!

	   Brand Names	
	   Therapeutic Class
	   Side Effects
	   Patient Monograph 


All this information in seconds, for any drug, for any disease, and for free.

Now, look around Medscape some more.

Enjoy, RG.