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Pointers on Web Destinations

Friends & Students!

On occasion, I will be pointing out a few WWW links to you. All these links can be found in the "Web Destinations" section of the course web site.

The web site of the US Environmental Protection Agency contains a lot of information! Take a look and browse the site for a few minutes. It is not a simple task to navigate that web site and to find "the good stuff." Some of the good stuff is several levels below the main EPA page. Click on "Researchers & Scientists", then on "EPA Information Resources", then on "EPA Library Network", then on "Region 7 Information Resource Center, Kansas City", then on "Databases", Then on "EPA Databases on the Internet". Finally, there you are at the "Region 7 IRC Databases" site. Seven levels down (!) and you wonder how you ever got there.

In any case, since man & woman mostly live on air and water, let's take a look at "AIRSData" and Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) and find out just how good life is. Let's take a look at "AIRSData" together and you do you own inquiries into water quality (search for aromatic compound contamination of drinking water in Boone County) later on.

Click on the "AIRSData" link, select "sources", select "ranking", select "Missouri", select "Boone County", and select "sulfur dioxide" and click on "Generate Report". Within seconds you are presented a list of polluting facilities in a table format. The text format of the report is attached below. The MU power plant emits 10,241 tons of sulfur dioxide a year (in 1995). Now you know.

But what do the numbers mean? 10,241 tons of sulfur dioxide. How bad is that? I would start by asking this question: "Why is the sulfur dioxide production at the MU power plant (serving campus) one magnitude higher than the sulfur dioxide production of the Columbia Municipal Power Plant (serving a city of 65000)? Any investigative journalist amongst you?

* US EPA - AIRSData Source Ranking Report
* Friday, 11-Feb-2000 at 10:31:2 PM (USA Eastern time zone)
* Missouri AIRS Air Pollution Sources  - Sulfur Dioxide
* Pollutant Emissions In Tons Per Year
* Counties Selected: Boone 
* File Size  : 2 Rows
* File Format: CSV - Comma Separated Values
* Field  1: Pollutant Emissions  [in tons per year]
* Field  2: Percent of Total Emissions
* Field  3: Facility Name
* Field  4: State
* Field  5: County
* Field  6: City
* Field  7: Year
* Field  8: Industry Type (SIC)
* Field  9: Facility ID
* Field 10: Region
10241,94.74,"University Of Missouri - Columbia","MO","Boone
Co","Columbia","1995","4911 - Electric Services","290190004","07"
569,5.26,"Columbia Municipal Power Plant","MO","Boone
Co","Columbia","1995","4911 - Electric Services","290190002","07"

Enjoy, RG.

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