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Chemistry 212 - Organic Chemistry II - WS00

Pointers on Web Destinations

Friends & Students!

On occasion, I will be pointing out a few WWW links to you. All these links can be found in the "Web Destinations" section of the course web site.

These days just about everything is online in a searchable format! This is of course especially true for the sciences. The journals now all are online and if you are an MU student, then you have access to most of these online journals. For example, you have full access to every journal published by the American Chemical Society. Go to the ACS Journals page and look for "The Journal of Organic Chemistry." Click on the link and see where it gets you. Yes, the editorial office of the journal just moved from Cal Berkeley to the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, and you have to click again to get to the new JOC home page. Now then - there you are. All the new organic chemistry at your finger tip. Look around. Do a few online searches. Search for keywords (go for some of the chemistry we are talking about in lecture), search for authors (go for some past and present instructors), and so on. The results of the searches are blocks that list authors, title, reference and provides the links to the online versions of the article. Take a look at an "abstract", a "full text - HTML" paper, and a "full article - PDF" paper. For example, take a look at a paper I recently published in JOC together with an undergraduate research associate of mine: Rainer Glaser and G. Richard Nichols, "Conformational Preferences and Pathways for Enantiomerization and Diastereomerization of Benzyl Alcohol. Data Mining and ab Initio Quantum-Mechanical Study".

Enjoy, RG.

Je surfe, donc je suis!
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