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Chemistry 212 - Organic Chemistry II - WS00

Pointers on Web Destination

Friends & Students!

On occasion, I will be pointing out a few WWW links to you. All these links can be found in the "Web Destinations" section of the course web site.

There are several links to sites that feature "Online Periodic Systems." I want to point out three of these to you. The first one is WINTER's Periodic System. This is as good as it gets!! Take a look at carbon and recognize just how much data is provided!! Spend at least 30 minutes just looking around and learn about carbon. Check out, for example, how many isotopes exist. You will be surprised! Then, to appeal to your finer senses, take a look at the The Chemical Society's "A Visual Interpretation of the Table of Elements." Do as with Winter's PS, go search for carbon. You will learn that Carbon is considered the "king of elements" and there also is some chemical data on C. Finally, on the lighter side, meet "Carboman" in the "Elements of Doom" in the link "A Comic Book Periodic Table."

Enjoy, RG.

Je surfe, donc je suis!
(I did make that up.)