Dr. Glaser,

The attachments are my honors project and any needed gif/jpg files. As you are aware, I have been working on this project for well over a month and have done everything within my power to ensure its accuracy. After performing searches on a minimum of five search engines using various combinations of words and synonyms, and searching for chemical databases and then searching these databases using the names and CAS reference numbers of all the ingredients, searching various government agencies websites including the FDA, EPA, patent and trademark office, and MSDS pages, reviewing the Merck Manuel at my father's laboratory, and contacting the pharmaceutical expert at Schering/ Plough, the manufacturer of Nasonex, I was still unable to locate a few pieces of information. I hope this is acceptable.

While working on this project, I learned how truly uninformed the public is about the chemicals we consume daily. The most astonishing portrayal of this is when I had such difficulty obtaining information on polysorbate 80, a chemical that is possibly consumed multiple times a day by the average American.

Thank you for the challenge.

Kristin Clarke