The University of Missouri at Columbia
Chemistry 212 - Organic Chemistry II - Winter Semester 2003


                E1Q1    E1Q2    E1Q3    E1Q4    EXAM1
AVERAGE         12.3     8.6     6.2     3.9     31.0
STDDEV           2.0     1.9     2.6     2.5      6.3
AVEDEV           1.5     1.5     2.1     2.0      5.0
MINIMUM          5.0     1.0     0.0     0.0     12.5
MAXIMUM         15.0    10.0    10.0    12.0     46.5
MAX. POSS.      15.0    10.0    10.0    15.0     50.0

The average is 31 points or 62%.  We aim for 65% tests 
(or better) and we are close to the goal.  Now that you 
know better what to expect, you might be doing better 
in future.

You were doing well in Q1 and Q2 which were minor 
variations of older themes, you also did OK on the 
spectrum prediction Q3.  And Q4 was the real trouble; 
an average of 4 out of 15.  Formamide is featured in 
the Visualization Center for IR and you need to be 
looking at those.  The natural thing to do then is 
to learn about its IR spectrum by looking it up in 
the SDBS database (or at many other places).

Make sure you are putting in the hours.  The next test
will be for 100 points and it will cover all the chapters 
on alcohol chemistry.  

Best, RG.