Group 1 - The Chemysteries
Group Dynamics Report

	Our group assembled out of chance and necessity. None of us knew 
anyone else, so we just decided to form a group of three people who had no 
one else to work with. As fate would have it, chance was on our side. Over 
time we realized that not only do we work well together but also have fun 
and enjoy each other's company. Working in a group ended up being to our 
benefit because our ways of thinking complements each others and often we 
learned more from one another than individually.
	Our group met usually for 45 minutes every Tuesday whether to 
discuss topics and activities related to class, or just to hang out. Every 
Thursday before each test, we had an all-day study session in which we 
camped out in Memorial Union, only left to go to class, and then came 
right back to resume our group studying. Molecular model sets and coffee 
were definitely the themes of these Thursdays! Of course, you could hear 
us from at least five tables away because we were generally pretty rowdy.
	As for the "Chemistry is in the News" Project, it never even 
seemed like work. We all found subjects on our own, but when we got 
together to choose one, we automatically all agreed on the biological 
topic of Artificial Blood. Since two of us are pre-meds and the other a 
medicinal chemistry major, chemistry topics relating to biology were the 
most appealing to us. After that, the writing of the editorial and the 
website design was a collaboration of the whole group with no disagreement 
at any point. We all had our strengths, and by the time the project 
deadline came around, we were well aware of where each person was most 
competent, and we let them do their thing.
	From these group activities, we realized that we were really 
compatible. We formed a successful study group in which we found not only 
support in a stressful and difficult time in our scholastic careers, but 
friendship as well. This Collaborative Group Learning project is a great 
idea that definitely helped us, and if asked to participate in it again, 
we would do it gladly. It was a lot of FUN!