The Carbon Crusaders (Group 2, consisting of Sean Pfaff and 
Michael Simon) worked on the "Chemistry is in the News" group project 
assignment at two principle times.  The first meeting occurred in Sean's 
room at about 3:00 pm Tuesday until about 4:30 pm of the same day.  During 
this time, the group used search engines and browsed web sites for online 
articles involving fuel cells, the topic of choice.  The group looked at 
several papers, endeavoring to find one of appropriate scope and 
relevance.  While doing so, the group discussed how the information it was 
assembling would be incorporated into the final product.  Much of this 
time was devoted to the generation of ideas about the group project.
	The second meeting occurred again in Sean's room at about 6:00 pm 
Wednesday and lasted until about 9:00 pm.  This was when most of the work 
was completed.  Michael organized the Editorial section, while Sean 
generated the questions.  This organization worked out well, because it 
combined the efficiency of individual work with the added creativity of a 
group.  After each group member had completed his assigned task, Sean 
assembled the work into the HTML format for delivery to Dr. Glaser, while 
Michael, due to his lack of knowledge in the area of HTML, composed this 
part of the report.
	Working as a group on this project had several advantages.  Extra 
minds working on a project from different angles allowed for a more 
thoroughly completed final product.  Working in a group also allowed for 
the combination of different skills that would be unavailable in 
individual work.  The group did not suffer from many drawbacks that groups 
often do.  The small size of the group may have contributed to this; the 
Carbon Crusaders did not suffer from the "too many cooks" syndrome, nor 
did they have trouble delegating work, as there were only two individuals.  
The group did not encounter any real problem while working on this 
project.  The experience was a positive one, and could easily be repeated.
	When the time came to peer evaluate other group projects, we again 
met in SeanŐs room to peruse the other projects, and constructed our 
comments and sent them to you.  This took about one hour.  For the 
majority of the year, our group did not meet formally, but the close 
proximity of group members made it easy and simple to convene at ad hoc 
times and discuss Organic Chemistry topics.