Peer Assessment of Group 2
C A T E G O R Y G7 G8 G9 Average
Topic Selection
19 20 18 19
Newspaper and Article Selection
10 10 8 9.3
Quality of Editorial Comments
7 6 9 7.3
Organic Chemistry Content
7 6 10 7.7
Selection and Quality of the Links
16 20 18 18
Format, Number and Types of Questions
9 9 10 9.3
Quality of the Questions
8 5 9 7.3
Overall Impression 
8 7 9 8
TOTAL 84 83 91 86


Evaluation by Group 7

A.  7 Vinana
B.  2 Carbon Crusaders
1.  Topic Selection 19/20
    Good topic, could be a good relation to organic chemistry.
2.  Newspaper and Article Selection 10/10
    The Chicago Tribune is a good source and it was recent.
3.  Quality of Editorial Comments 7/10
    Alot more could've been said, not enough emphasis on chemistry.
4.  Organic Chemistry Content 7/10
    We were confused as to exactly what aspect of organic chemistry
    was discussed.  More explanation needed.
5.  Selection and Quality of the Links 16/20
    First link was really good.  The rest related more to the companies 
    rather than the actual chemistry.
6.  Types of Questions 9/10
    Good PSP question, simple and straitforward.
7.  Quality of Questions 8/10
    Not enough relevance to chemistry.
8.  Overall Impression 8/10
    Could've gone into more detail.


Evaluation by Group 8

(A) Group #8 The  Dragons

(B) Group #2 The Carbon Crusaders

(C) Responses to Various Evaluation Categories

(1) Topic Selection: 20 Points (0-20)
The topic is good, and being that we are all looking at ways to improve 
the environment, this is helpful.

(2) Newspaper and Article Selection: 10 Points (0-10)
The article was current and from a reliable source.  The article was a bit 
short, but we were intrigued by the topic and implications.

(3) Quality of the Editorial Comments:6 Points (0-10)
There was almost no organic chemistry aside from the random mentioning of 
key chemistry nomenclature.  The comments were brief and bland, providing 
little more than a way to get to the links.

(4) Organic Chemistry Content: 6 Points (0-10)
There was not very much organic chemistry found in the article or the 
editorial comments.  Most of the comments had to do with the fuel cells, 
and little to do with the organic chemistry involved.

(5) Selection and Quality of the Links:20 Points (0-20)
All of the links worked, and were of very good content.  The background 
information helped explain the rest of the article very well.

(6) Format, Number and Types of Questions: 9 Points (0-10)
All five questions are there.  They cover different aspects of the 
article.  No questions had to do with organic chemistry.

(7) Quality of the Questions: 5 Points (0-10)
Not a single question dealt with organic chemistry.  Not one question 
provoked thought or required any prior knowledge of organic chemistry. The 
PSP question required little thought.

(8) Overall Impression. 7 Points (0-10)
The article selected was good, but much more effort could have been put 
into the project.  Where can we find information on this in the book?  
There needs to be more organic chemistry.
Overall:  83 points 


Evaluation by Group 9

A)	Evaluated by Group 9, The HMO*s
B)	Evaluating Group 2, The Carbon Crusaders
1.	Topic Selection-18:  Relevant topic to organic chemistry but
lacks originality.
2.	Newspaper and Article Selection-8:  High quality newspaper,
author appears to be knowledgeable, very recent article, but not
particularly exciting or informative.
3.	Quality of Editorial Comments-9:  Could extrapolate more on the
topic, but did capture the main ideas of the article.
4.	Organic Chemistry Content-10:  Relevant to organic chemistry
with good links to background information.
5.	Selection and Quality of the Links-18:  Links are of
questionable relevance and importance-the car company links seem
unnecessary and the fuel cell company links are a bit repetitive.
6.	Format, Number and Types of Questions-10:  Variety of questions.
7.	Quality of Questions-9:  Simplistic yet relevant.
8.	Overall Impression-9:  Seemed rather simple and without intuit.

Overall Score:  91/100