Dustin Horinek
Rebecca Swaters
Jim Bosanquet
Felicity Pino

Group 3 is made up of four sharp young men and women.  We meet every 
Tuesday at 4 pm (and sometimes Thursdays) at the medical library for 
almost two hours.  We also study together before tests (we see a lot of 
each other during test weeks).  We have all benefitted from meeting.  
Exchanging ideas, encouraging each other, and helping each other 
understand the material have all been tasks that we have equally 
contributed.  We are very fortunate to have developed such a complimentary 
group.  We have even discovered interesting similarities among us:  three 
out of four of our moms are R.N.Ős.  Two of us have engineering fathers 
and the other two are studying to be engineers (even the same type of 
engineering!).  Three of us have birthdays w/in nine days of each other.  
The list goes on. . . .   

In locating an article on which to base our project, we each searched for 
topics which interested us respectively.  Once we found a suitable one, we 
devised a list of tasks and split up the work evenly, according to 
eagerness and abilities.

We agree that group activities are a good idea and would participate in 
such activities again.