Peer Assessment of Group 3
C A T E G O R Y G7 G8 G9 Average
Topic Selection
20 20 19 19.7
Newspaper and Article Selection
10 10 10 10
Quality of Editorial Comments
9 10 10 9.7
Organic Chemistry Content
9 10 10 9.7
Selection and Quality of the Links
20 17 19 18.7
Format, Number and Types of Questions
8 10 9 9
Quality of the Questions
9 10 9 9.3
Overall Impression 
10 10 10 10
TOTAL 95 97 96 96


Evaluation by Group 7

A.  1 Vinana
B.  3 4-OC-Studs
1.  Topic Selection  20/20
    Interesting article, with a new twist on an old subject.
2.  Newspaper and Article Selection 10/10
    LA Times is a good paper and the article was very recent.
3.  Quality of the Editorial Comments 9/10
    Good information, just didn't grab the attention too well.
4.  Organic Chemistry Content 9/10
    Very good chemistry, just not much about organic.
5.  Selection and Quality of the Links 20/20
    Excellent links, good use of class website.
6.  Types of Questions 8/10
    No PSP question, and 1 and 2 were redundant.
7.  Quality of Questions 9/10
    Some questions were very simple, others required great thought.
8.  Overall Impression 10/10
    Good organization of the editorial and links.


Evaluation by Group 8

(A) Group #8 The Dragons

(B) Group#3 The 4-OC-Studs

(1) Topic Selection:20 Points (0-20)
The subject was a very good one.  We thought that it is very relevant to 
organic chemistry and the lessons learned in this class.
(2) Newspaper and Article Selection:10 Points (0-10)
It was from a reliable source and even though the article was a bit 
lengthy, there was only a highlighted selection which was appreciated.  
The article was also current.
(3) Quality of the Editorial Comments:10 Points (0-10)
The comments helped us understand the article better, and went beyond the 
actual statements of the article.  This was a very difficult topic, and 
the editorial comments helped clarify the points of the article.
(4) Organic Chemistry Content:10 Points (0-10)
There was a lot of organic chemistry in both the article and the website.  
The explanation of the organic chemistry was very well thought out and 
displayed a thorough knowledge of the material.
(5) Selection and Quality of the Links:17 Points (0-20)
While there were several links provided, the creativity was somewhat 
limited, as many of the sites were taken from the class website, simply 
providing structures.  There was very little expansion of the statements 
of the editorial and the article through the websites.  Although there 
were follow-up websites, these were not included in the editorial 
(6) Format, Number and Types of Questions:10 Points (0-10)
All of the questions were provided and the PSP question was very well 
thought out and thorough.
(7) Quality of the Questions:10 Points (0-10)
These were good questions because there were many types of organic 
chemistry involved.  Even though there was a lot of drawing, some were 
followed by a different aspect of the the class.
(8) Overall Impression.10 Points (0-10)
Very good project, obviously a lot of time was put into this project.


Evaluation by Group 9

A)	Evaluated by Group 9, The HMO*s
B)	Evaluating Group 3, 4-OC-Studs
1.	Topic Selection-19:  Very interesting topic yet not completely
relevant to today's issues.
2.	Newspaper and Article Selection-10:  LA Times is reputable,
author seems to have a good background in chemistry, very recent.
3.	Quality of Editorial Comments-10:  Very in-depth, informative
and analyzes the article well. 
4.	Organic Chemistry Content-10:  The pinnacle of chemistry of the
pages viewed thus far.
5.	Selection and Quality of the Links-19:  Nice illustration of
pertinent molecules, good background but lacking variety of types of
6.	Format, Number and Types of Questions-9:  Repetitive structural
7.	Quality of Questions-9:  Although some repetition, still quality
with intuitive answers.
8.	Overall Impression-10:  Great Job.

Overall Score:  96/100