Group Dynamics Report-Group 4 
Kathleen, Laura, and Tom

	Our group has done an excellent job sharing the duties required to 
complete the "Chemistry in the News" project this semester.  Everyone 
contributed to different parts of synthesizing the project, from 
brainstorming to researching online to actually writing down the questions 
accompanying our article.  We met at least once a day for a couple hours 
the week before the project was due.  We collaborated at coffeehouses to 
brainstorm ideas, but we completed much of the synthesis and research for 
the project in computer labs on campus.  The "Chemistry in the News" 
project was a great way to utilize the media to find out more about organic 
chemistry.  The media will have a large role in how we continue to learn 
after college.  This project opened our mind to the sources, both good and bad, 
that await us.  
	The group that completed this project was not the group we started out 
with at the beginning of the semester.  Our group and group 7 started 
studying together for the exams and we realized that we worked well 
together.  When it came time to start the project, we decided that it 
would benefit all of us to combine the groups.  
	Our original group met on a weekly basis to stay in touch about class 
particulars and to study for exams.  During exam weeks, we hosted open 
study sessions in case anyone had questions for each other, these sessions 
later included group 7.  This close contact certainly helped motivate one 
another to do well in the class.  At times, however, studying together 
served as a distraction because we found ourselves more willing to talk 
about what was going on in our lives than in organic chemistry.  However, 
having a study group is a great idea because it forced us to keep 
chemistry in our heads throughout the week and not just in class.  Both 
Dr. Glaser and the tests taught us that it takes practice to be good at 
organic chemistry.  The more we met the more we could reinforce what we 
learned in class and the more time we saved studying for the test. 
Motivation to study is probably the hardest challenge of organic 
chemistry.  Study groups should be conducted in a way to motivate the 
student to study the material presented in lecture.  If we had studied 
more on a consistent basis, then we probably would have scored an even 
higher grade in the course.